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Solve Poor WiFi Connectivity on iPhone 7/7 Plus

-- Wednesday, July 26, 2017
I feel like I have pretty poor performance at my home on my new 7 Plus sitting five feet from the router. My wife also has a new 7 Plus, she also has issues and has noticed slowness. We are coming from a 6S Plus and 6S, respectively. We both noticed the slow down at the same time. Anyone can help?

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  • You may sometimes come across with the issues on WiFi Connectivity and have no ideas what to do. It is frustrating when iPhone won't connect to Wi-Fi. Here is the guide to solve Wi-Fi connection issues on iPhone. Please check it out below!

    Solve Poor WiFi Connectivity on iPhone 7/7 Plus

    If you cannot get your iPhone connected to Wi-Fi successfully, you should know that the reasons may various in different situation. Now, let's start to troubleshoot for your poor Wi-Fi connectivity on iPhone one by one.

    Step 1 Check Your Router

    Actually, you are able to use a computer or other devices to check if you can connect to your network or get online or not. If it does, you can go on to read step 2. Otherwise, the Poor Wi-Fi Connectivity may be caused by the router and please check the following items:

    1. Make sure your router is connected to the modem and turned on(please ignore this item if you don't get a modem).

    2. Do not be away too far from the router and your iPhone may fail to get a signal.

    3. Reset your router.

    Step 2 Reconnect the Network

    Please go to "Settings > General > Wi-Fi" and tap on the "Forget this Network". After that, try to reconnect the network by entering the password.

    Step 3 Check for Error with Wi-Fi Network

    When there is a Wi-Fi connectivity issue detected by your iPhone, you are able to check for the reasons under the name of network that you're connected to. You are able to tap on the Wi-Fi network for more information.

    Check for Error with Wi-Fi Network

    Step 4 Restart your iPhone

    Try to restart your iPhone by holding sleep/wake button to slide to power off and turning it on again.

    Step 5 Reset Network Settings

    Firstly, please make sure the Airplane Mode is disabled. Then go to "Settings > General > Reset" and choose to reset the Network Settings.

    Tips: This option will erase the Wi-Fi passwords, Bluetooth pairing records, VPN settings and APN settings you saved. For VPN, you can know more about protecting your privacy and stay anonymous here.

    Reset Network Settings

    Step 6 Update iOS System
    Please check to see if your iPhone has been upgraded to the latest iOS system or not. If it doesn't, please just select Software Update.

    Every case of the poor Wi-Fi connectivity may be different. If you have followed the above guide to check for the issue but it doesn't help, please write down your problem in details to the comment box below. Maybe we can provide you some suggestions according to your case!

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