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How to Recover File from Android SD Card

-- Saturday, April 28, 2018
You can easily spot SD card usage in almost all the cool gadgets, such as the Samsung galaxy series, all the camcorder goes either full memory card storage or hybrid – with built-in hard drive and so on. You must be very painful when you lose data from those SD card. Now, all you want to do is to recover deleted files from SD card.

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  • Recover Deleted Photos/Videos from SD Card

  • Generally, you may lose the SD card data in following situations:

    • Accidentally deleted files from SD card
    • Formatted SD card
    • SD card got corrupted or inaccessible
    • Virus inflection
    • Power failure
    • Others

    To solve this SD card data loss issue, please check on this guide and you can find out the solution easily here.

    How to Recover Deleted Files from SD Card

    There is two ways to retrieve lost data from Android memory card: do SD card recovery with Android Data Recovery which will need you to insert the card into the Android device; restore the lost files from memory card only without devices.

    When the phone with SD card cannot be detected by Android phone or some recovery tools, put the card out of the device and insert it into a card reader. Find FonePaw Data Recovery which is also called SD Card Recovery, to recognize your memory card (including MicroSD card, CF card,etc.) and scan the files so that you can get the lost files back. Check more details here.

    Download Win Download Win Download Mac Download Mac

    Step 1. Connect a card reader with your SD card to PC and launch the program on Windows. Windows 10/8/7 and even XP can be supported.

    Step 2. Choose file types and path to begin scanning. If you only tend to recover one kind of the files, just choose that data type to scan, which will save scanning time.

    Launch the Program

    Step 3. Check the results after quick scanning and deep scanning. The program will go scanning with Quick Scan by default. You can change to Deep Scanning which will take a longer time. Please be patient to wair for its scanning on memory card.

    Deep Scanning

    Step 4. Select what you want to retrieve on Windows PC. The files are categorized by type or path list. Check in detail as you like and select what you want to restore from SD Card to your PC.

    Recover Files on SD Card

    Note: You are allowed to double click to preview the photos. Thus, you can check whether it is what you want. Some file formats are not available to preview but they can be retrieved.

    Preivew Photos

    As the data is successfully recovered to your Windows PC, you can print them out or swith the files to another device.

    Tips: The Common Issues When Using SD Card

    Issues 1 SD Card Mounting Problem on Android
    When you remove your SD card from your Android device or transfer the data from device storage to SD card, you sometimes would be prompted that there is a mounting error with your SD card. The way to solve SD card mounting problem on Android always refers to two steps: Unmount SD Card and Format SD Card.

    Issues 2 Insufficient Storage Available Error When Download Apps in SD card
    Have you ever met the situation that when you download an app to your Android, it turns out to notify that it is insufficient storage available? Actually, when you download the applications on your Android, it would be saved on your internal storage by default. If you have figured out the reasons, it is not so difficult to solve the insufficient storage available error.

    Insufficient Storage Available Error

    Issues 3 "Preparing SD Card" Error Stuck on Android
    When inserting the SD card into your Android phone, it keeps prompting that “Preparing SD Card. Checking for errors”. In this way, to fix the "Preparing SD Card" error stuck on Android is pretty urgent.

    Preparing SD Card Error

    Issues 4 Cannot View Photos Saved in SD Card in Gallery on Android
    We sometime would insert the SD card to our Android phone so that it could keep more files on the gadget. However, when you check the photos from the SD card on your device, you could not be able to find it out. To fix the problem of unable to view photos saved in SD card in Gallery on Android, you can try to reboot device, reinsert SD card, check if photos can be viewed on computer or directory on the SD card, or format SD card.

    Issues 5 How to Move Files from Internal Storage to SD Card in Android?
    To transfer files from internal memory to SD card in your Samsung smartphone, you are recommended to try Files To SD Card app and you can now download it on Google Play.

    Files To SD Card is a very useful and effective app that allow you to move the media files such as photos,videos and downloads from internal memory to SD card. It is great as the storage space of the internal memory can be limited. But please note that the app only works with one feature - transfer data from memory to SD card and you can do nothing more!

    Move Files from Internal Storage to SD Card

    Keep a habit of back up your Android frequently. Thus, you can easily recover your Android data and don't need to worry about losing important photos and videos on your Android. Besides photos and video from the SD card, Android Data Recovery also lets you recover contacts and messages from SIM card on your Android device.

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