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How to Play iMessage Games on iPhone or iPad

-- Thursday, August 10, 2017
People like to play games on iPhone or iPad. Now, you can even play games with friends via iMessage on your iOS devices. It can not only make it much safer to play games as no third-party apps are involved, but also allow you to connect with friends and family by playing games with them.

In this guide, you will see how to play iMessage games on your iPhone or iPad with your friends and family. I am sure you will enjoy this feature. Please check it out below!

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  • Guide: How to Play iMessage Games on iPhone

    Now, let's see how to get iMessage game, play and uninstall iMessage game on iPhone or iPad with the step-by-step guide.

    Step 1 Install Games in iMessage
    Open the Message App on your iPhone/iPad and enter a thread. Then tap on the App Store icon and you can visit App Store for iMessage to explore games on your device. In App Store, you can install games you want that are compatible to iMessage.

    Install Games in iMessage

    Tips: There are tons of iMessage games for your choice. If you have no ideas which one to get/install, please see the following recommendation:

    1. GamePigeon- play a collection of excellent two-player games via iMessage
    2. Qiktionary - unlock facts sourced from the show by answering tricky questions
    3. Boggle With Friends – challenge your friends and family to play, find words and earn bragging rights
    4. Words With Friends – allow you to connect with friends and family while expanding vocabulary and sharpening your wit
    5. Truth Truth Lie – the only video(or text) app version of the hilarious ice-breaker gram, "Two Truths and a Lie"

    Step 2 Play A Game with Friends in iMessage
    Enter a thread or create a new one and tap on the App Store icon. You can see the games you installed for iMessage would be displayed. Choose a game you want to and you can start to play with your friends.

    Play A Game with Friends in iMessage

    Step 3 Uninstall Game Apps in iMessage
    If you don't want the games in iMessage anymore, you can delete them off. Please go to the Home screen of your iPhone, find the game app you want to delete. Long press it until jiggle with remove (X) mark at the top of the Game icon. Tap on "X" to delete it.

    If you have any problem about how to play iMessage Games on your iPhone or iPad, please drop us a comment below!

    Ivy Bruce

    Ivy Bruce is the Founder and Editorial Director at Recovery-Android Studio. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.