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Fix iCloud Photo Library Not Syncing Problem

-- Friday, August 18, 2017
My iPhone 7+ has been sitting for days now with "uploading 1190 photos" under iCloud Photo Library. I have logged in and out of iCloud, toggled iCloud photo options, but nothing seems to work. Only old photos show on my iPad. Camera is not running. I'm on the way to Antarctica so need to get this done before I lose internet. All I have to work with in Buenos Aires are my iPhone and iPad.

--- User from MacRumor

Actually, it is pretty normal that you may meet with the iCloud Photo Library not syncing error between iOS devices. iCloud Photo Library is the most seamless way to access photos on all your iOS devices and thus you should fix iCloud Photo Library not syncing photo issue as soon as possible.

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    Guide to Fix iCloud Photo Library Not Syncing Problem

    Step 1 Note That Photos Synced from iTunes Won't Be Displayed
    You should know that photos syncing via iTunes are not supported and won't update with iCloud. In this way, you should check if the photos which are not synced via iCloud Photo Library would be the ones you add to your device with iTunes.

    Step 2 Make Sure iCloud Photo Library Is Enabled
    If you find out some of your photos and videos are missing or not syncing on other iOS devices, you should check if iCloud Photo Library is enable or not.

    On iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, please go to "Settings > iCloud > Photos" and then turn on iCloud Photo Library.

    On your MacBook or iMac, please go to "System Preferences > iCloud > Photos > iCloud Photo Library". After you turn on iCloud Photo Library, you should also check your W-Fi and make sure your iOS devices are well connected. Wait for several minutes and look for the photos again.

    Step 3 Check Your Recently Deleted Folder
    Please also check the Recently Deleted folder as you may accidentally delete your photos. Go "Photos > Albums > Recently Deleted" on your iOS devices and see if the lost can be found. If you can, you should recover them to your All Photos album.

    But please note that the deleted photos in your Recently Deleted folder stay there for 30 days. After that, it will be wiped out permanently. (Click to see how to get back deleted photos on iPhone/iPad)

    Your Recently Deleted Folder

    Step 4 Sign In With The Same Apple ID
    iCloud Photo Library is designed to upload photos you take on the iPhone directly to iCloud so that photos are accessible from any iOS device (or Mac) connected with the same Apple ID. So please make sure you sign in to iCloud with the same Apple ID on every device.

    Step 5 Unhide Your Photos
    With iCloud Photo Library, the photos that you hide on one iOS device are hidden on your other devices too. If you hide your photos and videos, you can only see them in your Hidden album. In this way, you can unhide your iCloud photos and they may be displayed and synced normally.

    After reading this article, can the iCloud photo sharing among different iOS devices be fixed? Please share your ideas in the comment box below!

    Ivy Bruce

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