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Transfer Phone Data with Sony Xperia™ Transfer Mobile

-- Saturday, August 09, 2014
When it comes to Android data transfer, people usually use these two common ways: Bluetooth and USB cable. The first method requires users to switch on Bluetooth on their phone, and match to each other, then, they can share files one by one with Bluetooth. The other way is to connect two devices to the computer via USB cable. Once the connection built, you can directly drag and drop files from one handset to another. However, if you want to transfer a bunch of data at a time, or there is no computer available, how could you transfer content from Samsung Galaxy, LG, HTC, Nexus, etc. to Sony Xperia?

Xperia™ Transfer Mobile, designed by Sony Entertainment, is a useful application helping you transfer data like contacts, messages, calendar, call log, photos, music, videos, bookmarks and other documents from Android phones to Sony Xperia. In the following article, we will take Samsung as example and show you how to transfer Android data to Sony with the app.

Guide to Transfer Data from Android to Sony with Xperia™ Transfer Mobile

Firstly, download Xperia™ Transfer Mobile on both your Samsung and Sony Xperia Z3. After installation, run the program immediately. Tap the "GET STARTED" button on your Samsung phone, and set Samsung smartphone as source handset by selecting the option "ANDROID" on your Sony Xperia.

Run Xperia Transfer Mobile on Android Run Xperia Transfer Mobile on Sony

Tap the "Send" box on Samsung Galaxy, while select "Receive" mode on Sony Xperia Z3.

Set Samsung as Send Device Set Sony as Receiving Device

Then, select the same method of connection on both devices. Wireless is recommended. But you make sure the two smartphones are connected to the same wireless network.

Connect Samsung to Sony Wirelessly Connect Sony to Samsung Wirelessly

A PIN code will show up on the received Sony phone screen, type the code in Samsung device and tap the "CONNECT" button to pair and build the connection.

Type PIC Code into Samsung PIN Code Shown on Sony

When the two devices are successfully connected, you can put aside Samsung phone. And tick the content that you want to transfer from Samsung to Sony on the receiving Xperia device. After selection, hit the "TRANSFER" button.

Put Aside Samsung Phone Select Data to Receive from Samsung Start Transferring from Samsung to Sony

The data transfer process will finish in a short time. When it completed, tap the "Next" button on the Sony device. And click "FINISH & EXIT" on both phones to exit the process and program. Now all the selected data will be stored on your Sony Xperia Z3.

Samsung to Sony Xperia Data Transfer Complete Data Transfer from Samsung to Sony Finished Finish and Exit Xperia Transfer Mobile

Transfer Data from Android devices to Sony Xperia smartphone is quite convenient and easy to use. If you have any question, please let us know and leave it in the box below.

Ivy Bruce

Ivy Bruce is the Founder and Editorial Director at Recovery-Android Studio. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.