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How to Make Use of Samsung Gear VR

-- Thursday, August 04, 2016
If you bought Samsung Gear VR or know somebody who has one. This post must be helpful to you. We are going to show you how to get it started. If you're interested, check it out!

Part 1: Create an Oculus Account

An Oculus account is a must for opening the gate of the virtual world. Therefore, you need to create one. The registration is the same as that of most process in creating an account. You'll need to fill in a Username, Password and Email address, along with some personal information like Country, Birthday, and more.

However, it's really refreshing when it comes to create an Oculus account, because the design screen is so considerate. Each part of required information gets a separate screen, which is so clear and easy to fill in, other than a large registration form as other sites offer you. After done registration, your email will receive a verification email soon.

Activating your account brings you to the final part of registration, you are able to add a payment method. After entering your credit card info, you're ready to start the VR experience. You will then be automatically transported to the Oculus app store, and take a peek at the store.

Note that you can actually skip adding a credit card. But, price differences are used as a proxy for differences in quality. If you want to have a better virtual experience, charge must be inevitable.

Create Samsung Gear VR Account

Part 2: Access Oculus Interface

It is really hard to get used to the Oculus interface. There is a full 360 degrees of immersive virtual background when you're hanging around in the home page, so you can see surroundings within apps by turning your head.

There are also some bells and whistles that make the navigation easier. If you keep staring at an app or experience, that one will be prompted with a pop-up that it's selected. If you want to move between screens, try to press the Touchpad on the right side of the Gear VR. Also, if you want to go back to the previous screens, swipe the Back Key on your headset, which functions as the name shows. Also, Settings menu can be enabled via pressing and holding the Back Key for a while. You can make some changes or enable a particular feature here: use the Passthrough camera, reorient the Gear VR, activate "Do Not Disturb" mode, and adjust the brightness.

Passthrough camera: It uses the rear camera on your Samsung phone to view the room. Though you're immersing into virtual world, you're still in fact at your own room. Thus, be careful when walking around.
Reorient the Gear VR: This option allows you to adjust things around you and make them more comfortable for you.
"Do Not Disturb" Mode: I like that one, because it can disable the pop-ups of notifications and updates which is really disturbing when we're having a fantastic experience.
Adjust the brightness: It works as the name might suggest, which can turn the bright up or down.
Sight, Touchpad and Back key, all these features will help you navigate more easily when using Gear VR. Unfortunately, one thing that you ought to know is that there is no search option in the Oculus store, which means that you'd have to scroll down and find the specific app manually.

Access Oculus Home Menu

Part 3: Watch VR Movies

It must be such a breathtaking experience to watch VR movies, though it is not yet a full 3D experience. We do believe that it's coming soon. Currently, Netflix app is the most convenient method to watch VR television or movies. Simple download the app from Oculus store for free, then select and view the show or films that interest you.

Also, Gear VR has a built-in cinema, which has four modes to choose: Home Theater, Cinema Theater, Dark Space and Moon Theater. Though it changes nothing but the surroundings around the movie screen, you can still give it a shot.

If you're new to VR world, you may find yourself exhausted in the end of a movie. When you're getting used to it, it will be fantastic to watch VR TV shows or movies. With the headset on and earbuds in, you will enjoy a refreshing experience so that you'd forget the world that it used to be.

Samsung Gear VR Cinema Movie

Part 4: Play VR Games

VR games must be the major reason why people across the world want to own a VR headset. People like to watch thrilling VR stuff, however, it's believed that people prefer to take part in the virtual world in person. Bringing down a monster. Fighting for glory. Being the king of the world. That's what we originally intended to do.

They are plenty of games in various genres available on Oculus store. Some are for free while some for sale. Some require a controller while some don't. But, if you want to enjoy yourself to the full, you'd better get yourself one.

Open the Oculus store, scroll down and you will see many games float by, of which there are quite a few free ones and paid ones. Each game has an infro page, same as you'd find on any app in Google Play or App Store. You may need to scan the information as to check out whether this game needs a controller or not. If you find it inconvenient, you may also download the game app. Most games will prompt you whether it needs a controller or not before you load the down.

If you have already bought a controller, what you need to concern about is perhaps the price. If you plan to buy one, you'll want a Bluetooth model, for instance, Samsung Gamepad. However, you may find wielding a control in virtual games a bit weird at first, for you cannot look at the controller when in immersion.
Also, if you're reluctant to pay for some games, you may try demos first. Most games provide users with demos so that you can take a shot before buying it.

Gear VR Play VR Games

Part 5: Gear VR Accessories

Speaking of accessories for Gear VR, there isn't much available right now. There are nevertheless at least two accessories you should know about, or own. Headphones or earbubs, and a Bluetooth controller, which for certain will enhance the immersive experience. Here we recommend you Samsung Gear Circle and Samsung Gamepad.

Samsung Gear Circle provides seamless quality, better yet, it transmit signal via Bluetooth so that you don't have to worry about being messed up with cables. Moreover, having a controller is of importance to some extent. If you aspire to virtual games, a good controller is a must. Samsung Gamepad is born for it. Given that it is named with Samsung as same as Gear VR is, it won't disappoint us. So, give it a try!

Gear VR Accessories Gamepad

Since the gate of virtual world is welcoming you, let's go for the exciting adventures. If you're in the state of considering to get one, you can check out a comprehensive review on Samsung Gear VR at first, and then make your choice. If you're having one, you may need to know what you should prepare before get the party started! And, enjoy it!

Ivy Bruce

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