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Copy Music/Video between iTunes and Samsung on Mac

-- Thursday, September 07, 2017
You can easily sync music/videos between iPhone and iTunes. However, it is not a simple way to transfer music/videos from iTunes to Android and vice versa. You may looking for a guide to sync files between iTunes and Android but it turns out that a good transfer tool is not easy to find.

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  • In this way, I would like to recommend a powerful program – TunesGo, which helps you copy music or videos from iTunes to Samsung or rebuild iTunes library so that you are able to transfer Samsung files to iTunes. Now, just download the TunesGo program on your computer. Want to know how it works? Pleases check it out below.

    Download Win Download Win Download Mac Download Mac

    Part 1: Transfer Music/Videos from Android to iTunes

    To sync your Android music or videos to iTunes, you should try to rebuild your iTunes Library.

    Step 1 Plug Samsung into Mac
    Please launch the TunesGo program after you install it on your Mac. Then just plug your Android into computer via a USB cable. To get it detected, you should enable the USB debugging on your Samsung.

    Homepage of TunesGo

    Step 2 Copy Samsung Files to iTunes
    On the home screen of the program, please choose "Rebuild iTunes Library" option. Then click "Start" button on the pop-up window.

    Copy Samsung Files Click Start

    The program would scan your Samsung. After that, you can check the items you want to copy to iTunes. Then click "Copy to iTunes" and your iTunes Library would be updated.

    Copy Samsung Files to iTunes

    Part 2: Copy Music/Videos from iTunes to Samsung

    Step 1 Connect Android to Mac
    Please connect Android phone to Mac like the way we describe in part 1.

    Step 2 Transfer iTunes Music/Videos to Samsung
    On the interface, please click on the "Transfer iTunes Media to Device" option and you will be prompted to choose items to copy data to device. After that, just click on the "Transfer" button and the music or videos from iTunes would be transferred to Samsung.

    Transfer iTunes Music/Videos to Samsung

    That's easy to sync contents between iTunes and Android with the help of TunesGo program, right? So why not download the terrific tool to have a try by yourself? If you come across any problem when using the program, please leave a message below!

    Download Win Download Win Download Mac Download Mac

    Ivy Bruce

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