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How to Transfer Viber Calls from/to Android

-- Tuesday, December 08, 2015
When you are talking an urgent call via Viber on your Android phone, what if the phone is powerless? The phone will automatically power off and the call will end. And imagine that you are talking via Viber call on your computer, and you need to go out to handle something important. Both situations we depict above require you to transfer Viber calls between Android and computer. This post will elaborate on the steps to send calls between Viber Android and Viber desktop.

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Note: Make sure Viber Android and Viber desktop are respectively installed on your Android phone and a computer. And both Viber apps sign into the same account.

Part 1: Transfer Viber Call from Android to Computer

Step 1 Transfer Call from Android
Hit the button "Transfer Call" on your Android phone. Then it will send the call to Viber desktop very soon. Make sure the network of your Android phone and your computer is stable.

Transfer Viber Call from Android

Step 2 Accept Incoming Call from Android
Go to your computer. You should receive a pop-up note that prompts you there is an incoming transferred call. Click the green button and accept the call.

Accept Transferred Call from Android

Part 2:Transfer Viber Call from Computer to Android

Step 1 Transfer Viber Call from Computer to Android
Choose "Transfer Call" option on your computer. Viber desktop will transfer the call to your Android phone where Viber app is installed

Transfer Viber Call from Desktop

Step 2 Accept Viber Incoming Call on Android
Viber desktop is transferring a call to Viber Android. Go to your Android phone and accept the incoming call from desktop.

Accept Transferred Call from Computer

Note: Now that you are not allowed to sign into the same account on two Android devices simultaneously, so you cannot transfer Viber calls between Android.

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