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3 Ways to Transfer Contacts from Old Android to Galaxy S8

-- Thursday, March 30, 2017
Switching phones is sometimes annoying for most of the users as you need to move all the important data from your old phone to the new comer. Samsung Galaxy S8, a gorgeous new Android you may want to choose, can cheer you up so much for its terrific features but also can put you into dilemma because of the data transfer. Without the data, you can not even make a phone call with the device as you don't get the contact list.

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  • This article would introduce three different ways to transfer contacts from old phone to your new Samsung Galaxy S8. Now, let's have a quick overview for each method:

    Method in part 1: With Bluetooth, you are able to transfer contacts directly.
    Method in part 2: You can back up your contacts from old Android firstly and then restore them to new device.
    Method in part 3: You are allowed to move contacts between different operation systems including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Symbian OS in one click.
    Contacts from Galaxy S8

    Part 1. Transfer Contacts from Old Phone to Galaxy S8 via Bluetooth

    To transfer contacts from your previously used Android phone to the new Samsung Galaxy S8, you can try to use Bluetooth, which is pretty simple to deal with. Below is the step-to-step guide for the job:

    Step 1 Turn on your old Android as well as Samsung S8 and then enable the Bluetooth on them.

    Step 2 Go to your old Android, and then select the contacts you want to move to Samsung Galaxy S8 or simply choose all the items. Then tap on the "SHARE" button on the screen and choose "Bluetooth" option.

    Transfer Contacts Galaxy S8 via Bluetooth

    Step 3 Pair the devices with each other and then choose your new Samsung as the target device to receive the contacts. After that, please send the contacts as vCard file when it asks.

    Step 4 Go to your new Samsung and confirm to receive the data. Then the files would be imported to your Contact app.

    Part 2: Move Contact to Samsung Galaxy S8 with Android Backup Restore

    You are able to firstly back up contacts on your computer and then restore them to your new Samsung Galaxy with the Android Backup Restore program, which is a third-party software that helps users to back up data and restore them to Android device. Please firstly download the program on your computer and check out how it works.

    Download Win Download Win

    Step 1 Connect Old Phone to Computer
    After you install the program, please launch it and then go to "Android Backup & Restore" pane on the interface. Now, connect your old phone to computer via the USB cable.

    Step 2 Back Up Contacts
    After your old phone is successfully detected by the program, you can start to back up data with it. Then you are able to choose the data types including contacts, messages, call history and more to back up. Then click on the "Backup" button on the bottom of the interface to continue.

    Connect Device to PC

    Step 3 Restore Contacts to Samsung Galaxy S8
    After you are notified that the backup is complete, please disconnect your old phone and then connect your new Samsung to computer. Of cause you need to go to "Android Backup & Restore > Restore" on the interface.

    Select Data Type to Backup

    Then please choose the backup copy you just create and click on the "Restore" button.

    Selectively Restore the Data

    Part 3: Copy Contacts from Old Android to New Samsung with Phone Transfer

    This method allows you to transfer the data directly from your old Android to the new comer. And what's more, it can not only support the contacts transfer, but also the other data such as call history, messages, pictures and so on between different operating systems. To begin with, please download the Phone Transfer program on your computer.

    Download Win Download Win Download Mac Download Mac

    Step 1 Plug Two Devices into Computer
    After you download the program, please run it on your computer. Then go to "Phone to Phone Transfer" pane on the interface. Now, please firstly plug your old Android to PC and secondly the new Samsung.

    Homepage of Phone Transfer

    Step 2 Transfer Contacts from old Android to Samsung S8
    Once the two devices have been detected, you can select the data such as contacts and then click on the "Start Transfer" button. Wait patiently for the process and the job is done!

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    Please choose one of the methods that can fit your case most. And you are recommended to use the Android Backup Restore in part 2 as it can also back up your data on computer to prevent data loss. If you have any question, please drop us a comment below.

    Ivy Bruce

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