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[Hot]Ways to Send Direct Messages on Instagram

-- Friday, February 10, 2017
We all know that if you post a photo or video on Instagram, all your followers would able to see it from the Feed. But by using Instagram Direct, when you send a post from a private account as a message, only people who follow that account will be able to see it. Instagram Direct allows you to exchange threaded messages with one or more users, and share posts you see in Feed as a message. This article will talk about several ways that you can send direct messages on Instagram.

Method 1: Send a Post in Instagram Feed as Direct Messages

When scrolling through your Instagram feed, you may want to share the high-quality contents directly with your friends or followers via direct message. To send posts you see in Feed as a direct message, please tap an arrow button below the post you'd like to send and then search for and select the person or group you'd like to send the post to. You can also add an optional message. Just tap "Send" button and you are able to send a private direct message.


1. When you send a private account's post as a message, only the ones who follow that account will be able to see the post. The person who uploaded the post won't be notified.
2. It allows you to select no more than 15 people to send the post to.

Method 2: Send Direct Message via the Camera Upload

Instagram Direct allows you to choose a photo or video as a direct message and share to others, which is may be the most common method for users to use the direct message feature.

Firstly, please go to the camera icon and choose a photo or video just like what you do when you post an Instagram.

Instagram Camera Icon

Then you can select the filters or edit the photos on the bottom pane and turn to "DIRECT" instead of "FOLLOWERS" (Normally, you would go to "FOLLOWERS" and post it on Instagram).

Turn to Direct

Now you can enter the text you want to express and choose the follower or a group you would like to send.

Just tap the "Send" button on the top-right corner and the job is done!

Method 3: Send New Message as Direct Message

To send a direct message to somebody, you can send photos or videos from your library or take new ones. Messages won’t appear in Feed, search or your profile or go to the camera icon and select a photo or video as you would to post an Instagram.

Please firstly tap on the top-right corner of Feed.

Tap on Top Right Coener

You can see the "New Message" at the bottom of the screen and you need to tap on it as well.

Tap on New Message

You can choose the one you'd like to send the contents to, and then tap "Next".

Now, you are able to send a text message or choose the a photo or video from your library ( or gallery) or you can also take a new one.

Send New Message

Tap "Send" button and your friends would get your message.

Of cause you may have other ways to send direct messages and please drop us a comment if you want to share you methods or have any question about this article.

Ivy Bruce

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