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How to Enter and Use Private Mode in Galaxy S7

-- Sunday, July 02, 2017
Afraid that someone would see something stored in phone? We do like sharing things with families and friends while we tend to let secrets be secrets as well. It is undeniable that everyone has his own secrets. Samsung has brought to users Private Mode as to protect their privacy. Private Mode is developed into a privacy protector for Samsung users, so you can deal with those personal things with ease on your Samsung phones. It enables users to hide files within a specific set of Samsung apps, so that they're only available when in Private Mode. On the Galaxy S7, it is accessible in the Gallery, My Files, and Voice Recorder apps.

Part 1: How to Enter Private Mode?

1. Swipe down the status bar and tap the icon to enter "Settings", or run it on the screen.
2. Scroll down and tap on "Privacy and safety".
3. Click on "Private mode" option.
4. Tap the switch and enter your Password/PIN/Pattern/Fingerprints to turn it on.
5. Toggle the "Auto off" switch (It is recommended, for "Auto off" can automatically turn off Private mode when screen turns off).
Note that you need to set up your PIN/Password/Pattern for Private Mode if you're accessing it for the first time. Also, you can use your fingerprints as an alternative.

Private Mode Turn it On

Part 2: How to View or Hide Files in Private Mode

Private is accessible to the Gallery, Voice Recorder and My Files. Now, let’s see how to hide pictures in private mode(example).
1. Launch the Gallery/Voice Recorder/My Files
2. Select the item or multiple items.
3. Choose "More" option.
4. Tap "Move to Private".

In this way, when you disable the Private Mode, the items you moved to Private would not be available to view.

If you want to view contents which are hidden with Private Mode, it is pretty simple too. Please check it below:

1. Turn Private Mode on
2. Enter your Private Mode PIN, pattern or password
3. There is a "Private" folder in My Files in which you can check out all the hidden content or remove them from the folder. For instance, you can now see a separate Private categories and folders in your Gallery and My Files.

Private Mode Move to Private

Part 3: How to Reset Private Mode Password

Unfortunately, if you forget the PIN, pattern or password and thus fail to enable Private Mode, the only way to access your hidden contents is to factory reset your Android phone. But before you try to reset it, you should make sure that all the important files have been backed up because it will wipe out all your data. Only through this way can you get access to Private Mode again. To avoid such an unnecessary, you'd better not forget the Password/Pattern again.

If you can remember the password but want to change the Private mode access type, please check on the following instruction.

1. Go to “Settings > Privacy and safety > Private mode”
2. Turn on private mode by entering your PIN, pattern or password
3. Tap on “Private mode access type”
4. Enter your PIN, pattern or password
5. Select a new method (PIN, Pattern, Password, Fingerprint) and enter the new PIN, pattern or password.
6. Confirm it and tap on “OK”

Private Mode S7 Kies

Once the Private Mode is enabled, you will be the only person who can access your privacy. If you do want to keep something private from others, try Private Mode on your Samsung handset.

Ivy Bruce

Ivy Bruce is the Founder and Editorial Director at Recovery-Android Studio. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.