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How to Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos Easily via Touchretouch

-- Friday, March 03, 2017
TouchRetouch is a terrific application that can help you to deal with your photos in erasing the objects you don’t want. You may wonder what kind of changes that the app could offer. Now please check it out below:

1. Remove photobombers when you take photos with friends or other objects like trash cans, warning board or whatever you think is ruining your photos.
2. Repair minor imperfections such as pimples and skin blemishes.
3. Remove line including surface breaks and scratches or power lines.
4. Clone stuff in an easy way.

So do you feel interested how to achieve the magic we list above? If you do, just go on to read and you will find it very simple to deal with.

How to Use TouchRetouch to Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos

Though you can do much more than objects removal with the TouchRetouch app, you should firstly learn how to use it to erase unwanted objects from photos. And if you know how to remove unwanted contents with this app, I think you would be good to use the other tools such as Quick Repair, Line Removal and Clone Stamp. Now let’s check on the guide to use the TouchRetouch app below:

Step 1 Download the TouchRetouch
First of all, please download the TouchRetouch app on your device and then launch it.

Interface of TouchRetouch

Step 2 Choose the photo you want to edit
On the interface, please tap on "ALBUMS" and then you can choose the photo you want to remove the unwanted objects (stop lights, street signs, people, trees, furniture, or even whole buildings) from. Tap the menu button on the top left corner and you can choose directly from the location where your images are saved.

Choose Photo

Step 3 Select unwanted object from photo
After you choose a photo to edit, you can see several tools on the bottom pane: Object Removal, Quick Repair, Line Removal and Clone Stamp. Now, please tap on "Object Removal". Before you go into editing, you can zoom 200% or so for you photo so that you can make a more accurate selection. You can use the "Brush" tool to paint with your finger over the unwanted content, which would be highlight in green.

Choose Unwanted Object

In a similar way, you can use the "LASSO" tool to outline the object you want to remove. And the both tool can be adjusted in the size by tapping the "SETTINGS" button.

Step 4 Remove unwanted "boat"
Now you can take away the unwanted boat by simply tap the "GO" circle button. And the object would be removed perfectly. After the job is done, you can adjust the image to normal size to check the result.

Remove Unwanted Object

Step 5 Export edited photo
To export the edited photo, please tap on the up-arrow icon on the top-right corner. You can save it to "Gallery" or the social media.

Export Photo

If you want to know more how to use the TouchRetouch app, it also provides you the tutorials. Please go to the home screen of the app and then select "Tutorials" to access these tutorials. If you have any question of this article, you can drop us a comment below as well.

Ivy Bruce

Ivy Bruce is the Founder and Editorial Director at Recovery-Android Studio. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.