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iOS 11 Spotlight Search Make iPhone Use More Convenient

-- Wednesday, June 28, 2017
Apple introduces Spotlight Search on the new iOS 11. Like it is on Mac computer, the Spotlight can help users index and search for the items in a very effective way. Now, let's check more details about it on the iPhone or iPad with iOS 11.

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  • How to use Spotlight Search on your iPhone or iPad?

    Using Spotlight Search on your iPhone or iPad is pretty simple. Please check it out below:

    1. Go to any Home screen of your iOS device, swipe down the screen page with your finger.
    2. You can see the Spotlight search field on the top pane. Now, just type what you want to search on the area.

    Use Spotlight Search on iPhone

    What can you do with Spotlight Search on iPhone?

    Search function of the word
    It can sometimes work as an electronic dictionary on your iPhone or iPad, which allows you to look for the words of definition and meanings. Normally, every time you enter a word, it would quickly and effectively display the definition. If it is not a frequently used English Word, you can choose to search for it on the internet by simply clicking on the corresponding option on the interface.

    Delete the Spotlight Search Record
    The feature allows you to delete or remove the searching records from it to protect your privacy by tapping on the "Clear" icon on the interface as below.

    Delete Spotlight Search on iPhone

    Quickly launch apps
    Just enter the name of app on spotlight Search pane and you can see the desirable one would be shown on the interface. Have a tap on the icon and you can launch the app in no time.

    Directly go into setting options
    As there are so many setting options on iOS device, it can be really time-consuming to find out the ones to set up among the tons of different options. But now, with iOS 11 upgraded on your iPhone or iPad, you can simply type the settings' name on the Spotlight Search area and it would display the possible result for you. If you cannot see the ones you want, please click on the search suggestions and you would get it.

    Quickly Launch Apps

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    Ivy Bruce

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