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Make iMessage Business Chats on iOS 11

-- Tuesday, June 27, 2017
Apple unveiled Business Chat for iMessage, one of the features carried by iOS 11, at a WWDC developer preview. Business Chat is a pretty effective new communication platform for businesses and it allows customers to connect directly with businesses to get answers, resolve issues and more via the messages. Instead of using the full-automatic programmed control system such as Chatbot, Business Chat replies on a completely real person, which can help customers out all at once.

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  • Basically, iOS 11 users are able to start a Business Chat thread with businesses and find their businesses by tapping message icon from the four apps: Safari, Maps, Spotlight, and Siri, or scanning a relevant QR code with their phone's camera. Customers can search for the businesses with Business Chat and you can then ask questions, schedule appointments, make purchases, and more in the Messages app.

    Make iMessage Business Chats

    To further the conversation, customers are allowed to use the following options built on their iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch with iOS 11:

    1. Time Picker- allows users to schedule appointments
    2. List Picker- lets users choose sale items and make purchases
    3. Apple Pay- browse and buy products from within the chat

    Besides, Apple is also letting the businesses build their own custom iMessage App extensions, which can support more complicated tasks such as selecting airline seat when they are booking. Business Chat is integrated with several top customer support platforms including Genesys, LivePerson, Nuance, and Salesforce so that they can manage the Business Chat conversations alongside their other customer service messages and make a Customer Service Platform more completely.

    Business Chats on iOS 11

    Business Chat is set to customer-oriented. This means that the conversation of Business Chat can be completely controlled and started by customers. Only when the customers ask the questions or begin the operation, the businesses then are allowed to respond for them. In addition, users can also disable the notification or even delete the conversations. In this way, you would not be disturbed by the ads or something like that.

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