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Auto Offload Unused Apps in iOS 11 without Any Data Loss

-- Thursday, June 22, 2017
Limited storage space on smartphone can always be an issue for most of the iPhone users, especially for those who are only with 16GB of storage for their phone. To release the storage space, you may be forced to delete some files or apps from time to time. To make up this problem for users, Apple has introduced an effective tool, which is called Offload Unused Apps feature in the iOS 11, for managing user data.

With the Offload Unused Apps feature on iOS 11, it would remove the less-used apps automatically when your storage space on iPhone is detected to be low. Once an app is removed, you can see a grayed-out icon on the home screen, which can be reinstalled by a simple tap.

Auto Offload Unused Apps in iOS 11

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  • Why you can reinstall the deleted app so quickly and easily? It is all because the Offload Unused Apps feature won’t delete the related files and data of on your iPhone and they are still saved on your storage when the apps are removed by it. That is to say, the Offload Unused Apps feature enables you to keep all the information (including the chat history for some applications) on your iPhone even the apps are removed.

    To enable the Offload Unused Apps feature on your iOS device to hide apps automatically and release the iPhone storage, you can go to “Settings > General > iPhone Storage” and then tap on the Enable button for Offload Unused Apps.

    Auto Offload Unused Apps

    Once you activate the Offload Unused Apps in the background, it will work like a detector. If your storage space on iPhone is detected to be low, it would remove the little-used apps from your device.

    Except to automatically offload unused apps via the feature, you can also choose to manually offload individual apps for your own decision.

    For instance, if you want to offload the Snapchat app on your iPhone, you can go to the iPhone storage page and scroll down to pick up the one you want to remove. Then tap on the “Offload App” button on the screen.

    Offload Snapchat App

    Additional Tips:

    1. To provide a double protection for the security of your iPhone data, you are recommended to backup your iPhone more frequently. In this way, you won’t lose a single file even there is something wrong with your iPhone.

    2. If you lose your iPhone data accidentally without any backup, it is still possible for you to recover it back with the help of the data recovery tool. Please click on here for more details.

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