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How to Sync Music, Photos, Videos with Samsung Kies

-- Monday, August 19, 2013
Many Samsung users are digging around for professional yet simple-to-used phone data manager software to handle media files like music, videos and photos. To satisfy their demand, Samsung Inc. designed and created a freeware, Samsung Kies, which enables users to manage and deal with the data stored in Galaxy phones conveniently. In the following article, we will show you how Kies manages music, photos and videos.

To start with, let's take a look at Kies's Library. "Library" is firstly introduced by Apple Inc. and adopted in iTunes, called iTunes Library. You can add or delete data, such as music, videos, photos, contacts, etc. directly in or from the Library in the computer. Synchronization is another concept comes with Library. If you buy a new Galaxy device, you can connect it to Samsung Kies and sync the new handset with all the data saved in the Library. In this way, you can soon transfer favorite music, photos and videos from old device to the new one. Furthermore, data transmission among Samsung Galaxy at high speed is easily accomplished with the Kies.

Guide to sync Samsung music, photos, videos to computer

Step 1 Add Music, Photos and Videos to the Library
Run Samsung Kies, and select a data category. Take audio files as example. Select "Music" in the Library column, and press the "+" button to add music files to the Library from the local folders. When successfully added, you can check the music in the Library. You can add photos or videos in the same way.

Add Music Files in the Kies's Library

Note: If you've added the media files to the Library, do NOT move the files to other folders in the computer. Otherwise, it will display "File Not Exist", when you sync Samsung devices with Kies's Library. So, I suggest you to store all the music, photos, and videos files that you want to import in Library in one specific folder by categories.

Step 2 Sync Samsung Galaxy with Music, Photos and Videos from Library
Plug your device in the computer. Once the device is successfully connected, click into the "Sync" panel at the top of the interface. Tick the items in the Multimedia section and hit the "Sync" button at the top-right corner. When the synchronization complete, you can check the files in your phone one by one.

Sync Samsung Galaxy with Music from Kies's Library

As you can see, to manage media files stored in Galaxy phones with Samsung Kies is very simple and convenient. This tutorial is based on Kies 2.6. If you want to sync Galaxy S6 with Kies 3 Library, you can also follow this guide to do the synchronization with Kies 3's Library on your own. If the article is helpful to you, share it to your friends.

Ivy Bruce

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