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How to Subscribe to Podcast with Samsung Kies

-- Thursday, August 08, 2013
Podcasting is an increasingly popular method of distributing media in digital audio format.It has become increasingly widespread in recent years. More and more people use podcast to listen to broadcast and share their information with others via Samsung mobile device. But on the contrary, there are also some users having no idea about how to subscribe to podcast on their Samsung device. Here we offer you some useful suggestions and share our experience with you.

Samsung Kies 2.6, a data manager freeware designed by Samsung Inc. functionalizes you to subscribe to podcast. In just several steps, you can download all kinds of fun podcasts from the net and enjoy them during rush hour or at free.

We will take Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED), a podcast applying various interesting and enlightening videos for free as an example and show you how to subscribe to TED with Kies.

Instruction on Subscribing to Podcast with Kies

Step 1 Connect Samsung Phone to Kies
Plug Galaxy device into the computer via USB cable. When Kies successfully detected and connected to the device, you can select Podcast option in the left column and check the existed podcast data and categories.

Connect Samsung Phone to Computer

Step 2 Subscribe to Podcast
After entering the "Podcast" interface, click "+" button and add an URL address of the TED video to the box. When subscription complete, you will be informed as soon as each new TED video releases. You can also pick those you like and download them on your phone.

Add and Subscribe to Podcast

The steps of subscribing to podcast in Library are almost the same as that in the phone with Samsung Kies. But, you need to Sync the device with downloaded podcasts stored in the Library.

Read up here, you may find that subscribing to podcasts with Kies is very simple. However, some users may have no idea which podcast is interesting and practical. Here are some fun podcasts I collected for you. If you found other useful podcasts, please recommend them to us and leave their names below.

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Ivy Bruce

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