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[Fix] Problems You May Meet with Kik on Android

-- Thursday, August 25, 2016
As a social messaging app, Kik has taken much people's heart. Thanks to this cute and well-designed tool, we can easily keep in touch with families, friends and even some long-lost friends. While we're enjoying the convenience it brings to us, there are some problems that may bother us. Here we glean 5 major troublesome problems along with the solutions. If you are beset by some Kik issues, come and make out how to fix them at this post.

Issue 1: Why Can't I Register an Account?

When you're trying to create a Kik account and waiting for meeting friends on the app, it however happens to fail the registration. That's probably caused by a connection issue. This problem mainly raises when the network connection is bad, so you may have a try on the following methods.

1. Turn off your Wi-Fi or Mobile data connection and then turn it on after a while.
2. Find a stronger Wi-Fi connection somewhere else like your friend's home or a coffee shop.
3. Try to force close the app and launch it later. You can double click the Home button to show previews of apps and swipe left or right to find out and close the Kik app.
4. Uninstall and reinstall the app. (it works most of the time for most issues.)

Create an Kik Account

Issue 2: Why Can't I Log in?

"Oops. This is taking longer than usual. Please try again."

You may see a sentence showed as above after you spent long waiting for login, which means you've failed to log in your account on Kik. That's disappointing. However, same as the first problem, it is probably due to a bad network connection. Therefore, you might as well try a couple things like:

1. Toggle your connections off and on in your phone Settings or Notification bar.
2. Try to use 4G data instead of Wi-Fi network.
3. Try another Wi-Fi connection in a Coffee shop or library.
4. Force close the app and re-open it later.

Cannot log in Kik Account

Issue 3: Why were my Chats and Contacts Deleted?

Some users reported that they somehow lost chat history and contacts after Kik update. Kik officially claims that they are already working on it while no desirable solution is available now.

Meanwhile, you may try to reset your Kik in order to get contacts back. Please ensure that you remember your password, or you may need to reset it by your email address. However, your chat history will be cleared, so be sure that you've read all the messages in the first place. After resetting the app, the list of saved contacts should be back when you log in account again. Since Kik don't store any of chats out of privacy, it's not able to retrieve chat history though.

To reset your account: go to "Settings" > "Your Account" > "Reset Kik".

Lost Kik Chats and Contacts

Issue 4: Why Can't I Open or Save Images and Videos I Received?

Sometimes it happens that someone sent you a picture but you fail to view it in full-size or save it in your phone. There are a couple of reasons why you might not be able to open and save images or videos.

For one thing, picture or video fails to completely and successfully upload because of the poor network connection to which your friend's device was connecting. For another, your friend's phone didn't completely finish uploading the picture or video due to other reasons.

Now, you have to either open the image or video again later or ask your friend to resend once more.

Cannot Open and Save Photo and Video

Issue 5: Why Can't I Complete my Purchase?

It is reported that when it comes to purchasing stickers in the app, some situations happen. You want to buy a sticker but find no ‘Purchase' button. Or, you may see a message that reads "You already own this item" when making a purchase.

Actually, these are caused by a known bug in the Google Play Store, and you can try: Go to "Settings" app on your phone > "Apps/Applications manager" > "Google Play Store" > "Clear Data". Note that it won't clear or delete any apps from your phone. Next, launch "Play Store", tap "Accept" and exit it. Now leave and re-open the Sticker Shop.

Most of the time, it works. However, if you still cannot purchase stickers, you may need to deleted and reinstall the Kik app.

Cannot Buy Sticker on Kik

Have you ever met one of the situation as mentioned? We sincerely hope these helpful. If your friend is being troubled by one of these problems, just give him/her a hand. Just enjoy chatting on Kik!

Ivy Bruce

Ivy Bruce is the Founder and Editorial Director at Recovery-Android Studio. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.