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Transfer Media Files from Old Galaxy to S6 with Smart Switch

-- Friday, June 05, 2015
People are fond of taking photos, shooting videos and playing music with Samsung Galaxy phones for its auto HDR camera with a wide-angle lens as well as built-in high-definition player. Usually, there are tons of media files stored in Samsung phones. Undoubtedly, if you switch an old Galaxy device to new-released S6, you need to move all the photos, music and videos to the new phone. I guess most of you will plug both the old and new Samsung phones in the computer via USB cable, and drag the media files from one phone to another.
In fact, you can transfer media data from old Galaxy to S6 wirelessly with Samsung Smart Switch, a transferring tool developed by Samsung Inc, allowing you transfer data from iOS or Android devices to Samsung handsets. Read on and do the transition with Smart Switch.

Guide to Transfer Media Files from Old Galaxy to S6

To begin with, download Samsung Smart Switch from Google Play and set up the app in both your Galaxy S5/S4/S3 and Galaxy S6/S6 edge.
Note: Make the two phones connect to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 1 Set Sending and Receiving Devices
After installation, run the app in the two smartphones. In Galaxy S6, select "Android Device" as old device and set the phone as "Receiving device", while in the Galaxy S5/S4/S3 or Note 3/4, set the phone as source handset by choosing "Sending device" option. Then, click "CONNECT" button in both devices after selection.

Set Galaxy as Old Device Set Old Galaxy as Sending Device Set Galaxy S6 as Receiving Device

Step 2 Connect Old Galaxy/Note and S6
After the above settings, the two cellphones will automatically connect to each other. If not, you can also connect them manually. A four-number PIN code will be on the sending phone's screen. Just enter the PIN code in the receiving device, the two phones will be successfully connected.

PIN Code Shown on Old Galaxy Enter PIN in Galaxy S6 Two Galaxy Phones Connected

Step 3 Transfer Media Files from Galaxy/Note to S6
The app will read the data stored in the sending phone and list them by categories with quantity and size. Tick "Music", "Pictures" and "Videos" in the old Galaxy/Note phone, and hit the "SEND" button. In the destination device, you can check how the transition goes. After a while, the transition will complete. Hit the "FINISH" button to end the process.

Transfer Media Files to S6 Transfer Media File Complete

Smart Switch is helpful and easy-to-use when you want to just transfer contacts and media files in between Samsung phones. However, when comes to messages, apps, call logs, etc. you may need to turn to Phone Transfer, a professional program, supporting you to transfer various data among various smartphone running different OS systems easily. To get more details about how Phone Transfer works, please refer to:
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Transfer Media Files with Phone Transfer

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