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Samsung Smart Switch: Backup and Restore Galaxy S6

-- Tuesday, June 09, 2015
We usually receive some emails from Samsung users who accidentally deleted some important photos, messages, contacts or just unintended get the data lost, and asking for ways to restore their precious pictures, significant contacts info of some VIP, etc. in Galaxy phones. Losing data stored in Samsung smartphone is quite a tragedy and troublesome somehow. In order to avoid it, we suggest you to back up your phone so that you can restore the backup in the device in case losing phone data.

Smart Switch, designed by Samsung Inc. is free for you to back up the important content saved in your device to the external SD card. In the meantime, it also helps you recover the data from SD card to internal memory. The following article will take Galaxy S6 as example and show you how to back up and restore data from and to Galaxy S6 via Smart Switch.
To start with, open Google Play in your Galaxy S6 to download and install Smart Switch app in the phone.

Part 1 Back Up Data from Galaxy S6 to SD card

After running the app, you will see the interface as below. Click the "MORE" option at the top-right corner and select "Transfer via SD Card" mode. Then the data like contacts, messages, music, pictures, videos etc, will be listed in the screen with quantity and size information at the right side.

Transfer Via SD Card Choose Backup Mode

Tick the content you want and hit the "BACK UP" button to start transferring data to external SD card. In a while, the process will finish. You can insert the SD card to other Android devices and save the data there.

Backup Content Start Backing Up to SD Card Backup Complete

Note: If you transfer data to SD card, the current content in the SD card will be thoroughly replaced and removed by the new added data. Make sure your SD card is empty or no important data in it.

Part 2 Restore Content to Galaxy S6

Click "RESTORE" option to get into the recovery mode. All the backup data in your inserted SD card will show on the screen. Select those you want to retrieve and hit the "RESTORE" button to get the recovery started. When the process complete, you can check the data in your Galaxy S6.

Select Recovery Mode Recover from SD Card to S6 Recovery Complete

If there is some important data stored in your external SD card and don't want to get a new blank SD card, Samsung Smart Switch may not meet your demand, because backing content up to SD card will removed the current data in it as mentioned in the former part of the article. Hence, we recommend you another more useful and convenient program, Phone Transfer, which supports you to back up and restore data from phone to computer or directly in between two devices. Take a glance at the step-by-step guide on How to Backup & Restore your Android on Computer with Phone Transfer.

Backup and Restore Data with Phone Transfer

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