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How to Share or Request Files on Dropbox

-- Monday, November 18, 2013
In the past years, people relied on emails if they want to send photos, songs or other files to others. However, if you want to share a 4GB video file or some documents in large sizes with your friends as email attachments, I assume it may take you quite a long time to get it done. Moreover, provided you are working together with some partners on one project which requires you all to edit and modify documents jointly. To meet the above demand, Dropbox is an ideal choice. It offers easy ways to share files or folders to those who own Dropbox account or non-Dropbox users. You can also ask people for some files you want by sending file requests. Read the following passage and see how Dropbox make file-sharing convenient and quick.

Part 1 Share Files or Folders with Others

Sign in Dropbox in the website. Click the "Files" button at the left side bar. Move the mouse to the needed folder, a "Share" button will appear at the right side. You can also select the target folder and right click it, then choose "Share" option in the pop-up panel. Hit the "Invite people to collaborate" button.

Invite People to Collaborate

Enter your workmates' email addresses who own Dropbox account as well and check the "Allow editors to manage membership of this folder" box. Once the receivers accept the invitation, the folder will appear in their Dropbox and they all can edit the files in the folder. If one modified the files in the share folder, the latest version of the files will be synced with those stored in each member's Dropbox.

Share Folders with Others on Dropbox

Note: If you don't want others to edit the files in the share folders, you can uncheck the box. You can also just send link to them so that they can view the folders without the ability to change files.

Part 2 Share Link with Non-Dropbox Users

Make a link to files or folders in your Dropbox and quickly share your pictures, documents, media files with friends and colleagues, even if they don't have Dropbox. To do that, login Dropbox in the site, right click the folder or files you want and select "Share" option. Hit the "Send link" button.

Link the Files or Folders

Type or paste the email address in the "Send this link to" box and hit the "Send" button. The receiver can use the link to preview the files or folders through their browser and download the files.

Share Linke to Others on Dropbox

Part 3 Send Files Requests to Others

Apart from sharing files to family or friends, you can also ask them for needed pictures, music, videos, etc by sending file request. Hit the "File Requests" option at the left side bar and click the "+" button in the "Request files" box.

Send Files Requests

Enter some key words or descriptions of the files you need in the requesting box. And set a folder to save the requesting files. Then, click the "Next" button.

Name or Description the Files You Want

Copy the link to your friends through chatting apps or type the email address in the box and click "Done". When the receiver open the link and upload the files to it, all the uploaded data will be automatically saved in the folder in your Dropbox.

Request Files on Dropbox

Part 4 Transfer Dropbox Files to Android Phone

Besides sharing data to Dropbox or non-Dropbox users, you can also transfer files stored in Dropbox to Android devices like Galaxy S7, HTC 10, LG G4, Huawei P9, Nexus 6 and so on, with the help of Android File Manager.

Download Mac

Step 1 Click the button above to download and install Android File Manager on your Mac. Then, click into "Preference" interface of the software.

Android File Manager Preference

Step 2 Choose "Integration" option and select "Dropbox". Then, hit the "Link Account" button.

Integrate Dropbox with Android File Manager

The Dropbox login website will be automatically opened in the default browser on your Mac. Sign in your Dropbox account with the correct e-mail and password. When you successfully login, hit the "Allow" button to enable the software to access data in Dropbox.

Sign in Dropbox

Step 3 Connect Android phone to the computer via USB cable. Remember to turn on USB debugging on your device beforehand. Then, respectively set Dropbox and Android phone as the source and destination place. All Dropbox and Android files will be separately displayed in each panel. Select the data you want in the Dropbox panel and click the "Copy" button or Press "F5" on the keyboard to do the data transfer.

Transfer Dropbox Files to Android

Dropbox is a great helper which enables us to share files or folders to conduct up to date collaboration with colleagues or business partners. The shared link is an ideal function replacing email attachments which allows us to send files in any format or size in a flash. Moreover, file request feature also brings you convenient that all the received files will be automatically saved in the preset folder. You don't need to manage them manually again. If you can no longer bear to use email to send files, just try Dropbox.

Ivy Bruce

Ivy Bruce is the Founder and Editorial Director at Recovery-Android Studio. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.