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How to Share Files or Folders Using Amazon S3

-- Sunday, May 15, 2016
Sometimes you need to share files or folders to your audiences. For example, you may want to share pictures captured during a journey. And you may need to share a note of a meeting, a presentation and anything else. To meet your need, we are introducing Amazon S3. This tool is able to generate a URL for your files so that you can share the link to your audiences.

Part 1: Directly Share Files/Folders with Amazon

Step 1 Sign into Amazon
Sign into Amazon. Then go to the Amazon Dashboard. Then locate “S3” under “Storage & Content Delivery”.

Amazon Web Services

Step 2 Make Files Public
Then select and open one of the buckets. You can select an item to share. Then click “Actions” and select “Make Public”. Then select “OK” in the pop-up note and confirm to make the file public. It can take minutes to make your file public.

Amazon S3 Make Files Public

Step 3. Copy and Share URL of Files/Folders
Under actions, you can select “Properties”. Then there is the link you can use to share.

Amazon S3 Share URL

Part 2: Share Files/Folders on Amazon S3 with Commander One

Step 1 Sign into S3 Console
Go to the log-in page: If you have had an account for S3, directly sign into the console by following the command line:

Enter your email address and select “I am a returning user”. Then enter the password and click “Sign in using our secure server”.

Amazon S3 Log in

Step 2 Create Access Key
a. When in the Amazon Web Services center, click the arrow icon next to your account name and expand all options. Then choose “Security Credentials”.

Amazon S3 Security Crendentials

b. You are accessing the security credentials page for your AWS account. Click “Continue to Security Credentials” and move on.

Amazon S3 Accessing Security Crendentials

c. Now you can manage the credentials for your account. Click the option “Access Keys” and expand contents of it. Then click the “Create New Access Key” button.

Amazon S3 Create New Access Key

d. Your access key (access key ID and secret access key) has been created successfully. Click the “Download Key File” button. Your key file will be downloaded, which contains your new access key ID and secret access key. To help protect your security, store your secret key securely and do not share it.

Amazon S3 Download File Key

e. When access key is downloaded, copy the access key ID and secret access key for further use.

Amazon S3 Access Key Created Successfylly

Step 3 Copy S3 Access Key to Commander One
Click the button below to download Commander One on your computer. Then,finish the installation and open it.

Download Mac

Then click “S3” button at the top-right of the main interface. In the pop-up window, enter in the "Name" blank, and fill in both the "Access Key" and the "Secret Key" that you copied from Amazon S3. After that, hit the "Connect" button. When the connection is built, you can view the bucket on the software. Right click it and select "Copy Link" option, you can easily check the file on the browser. With Commander One, you can also directly transfer files from Amazon S3 to Mac.

Amazon S3 connect

In addition to sharing files, Amazon S3 can also help you back up files. Anyway, this high- highly-scalable cloud storage couples with multiple features that assists in data management. Give it a try.

Ivy Bruce

Ivy Bruce is the Founder and Editorial Director at Recovery-Android Studio. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.