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Share Photos/Videos/Files Between Android Phones with OneDrive

-- Wednesday, December 02, 2015
Now that the vacation is over, you should have taken a lot of photos and videos during your holiday spent in a resort. It is a nice thing to share moments and stories of the good time with people. And since online photo sharing has never been easier, you can share photos/videos/files between Android phones through simple steps with the help of a cloud storage tool. OneDrive is an outstanding program specializes in this territory.

OneDrive, developed by Microsoft, is a platform not only for file backup, but for sharing. You can share anything between Android devices with it. There are three ways to do that: invite people to view your files, share a link of them, and send contents to people. In the below section, you can see how to perform OneDrive.

Note: You can share individual file at one time only.

Part 1: Send Photos/Videos/Files to Email

Step 1 Choose File to Share
Run OneDrive on your Android phone. Sign in OneDrive with your account. Choose a file in Files. In the next page, hit "Share". After that, select "Invite people".

OneDrive Share

Step 2 Share Photos/Videos with Email
In this page, you can type email addresses. Then you can set to Allow editing your photos/videos and Require sign-in to access. After that, hit "Done" and the arrow icon. OneDrive will share files you choose with email.

OneDrive Invite People

Part 2: Share Link of Photos/Videos/Files

Step 1 Choose Photos/Videos/Files to Share
Choose a photo/video/file. Then tap "Share" > "Share link".

OneDrive Share

Step 2 Get Link of Files
In the pop-up note, you can permit anyone with this link can view or edit your files. Then hit "OK". OneDrive will get the link. After that, there will be a pop-up note. Choose an app from the list, for example, Bluetooth. Then you can share the like via Bluetooth.

OneDrive Share Link

Part 3:Send Photos/Videos/Files between Android Phones

Step 1 Choose Photos/Videos/Files
Select files from OneDrive. In the next screen, select "Share" > "Send files".

OneDrive Share Files

Step 2 Send Files via App
OneDrive will download the picture/video/document. The you can choose to complete action using OneDrive, Email, Bluetooth, and more. After that, you can send the file via the app you choose.

OneDrive Share via Bluetooth

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