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How to Share Android Photos via Google Drive

-- Tuesday, November 24, 2015
It is a common trend that people would like to share photos of kids, holiday, food, etc to their friends. Photos shared, to some extent, are social bonds that connect people together. Apps like Facebook and Twitter are a quiet fantastic platform to display photos in your Android. However, what about pictures that are backed up onto Google Photos? How do you share them? And what if you want someone to edit your photos? Google Drive can help you obtain them and share to others.

Google Drive is a Cloud storage that not only supports backing up photos but sharing them to people. Just by entering an email address, you can send file to people and invite them to view, edit or comment your pictures. Let's see how to share pictures on Google drive.

Share Android Photos via Google Drive

Step 1 Select Files to Share
Open Google Drive app on your Android phone. Connect the device to Wi-Fi hotspot or turn on mobile data. Then choose a photo you intend to share and hit the Info icon next to it. In the next page, choose "All people".

Add People

Step 2 Edit Share Settings
In the blank field under People, enter the e-mail address of the contact. Also you can leave a message. Then hit the triangle icon next to the e-mail, you can give privilege to people so that he or she can edit, comment, or view photo shared. After that, click the arrow icon at the upper-right corner, Google Drive will send the photo to the e-mail.

Edit People Info

When your photo is successfully sent, you will receive a note which prompts you the picture has been shared with the e-mail. Steps on how to share files in Google Drive are similar. Try it!

Share Photos Succeeded

Ivy Bruce

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