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How to Set up Google Drive on Android and PC

-- Monday, November 23, 2015
Failed to run Google Drive on your Android phone and got the note which says "Could not find any Google accounts, existing applications"? That's because you have not added a Google account on your Android phone or used it to sign in any app before that. In this post, we will respectively show you the way to set up Google Drive on Android as well as on PC in details. Note that a Google account is needed. You can sign up to create one. Then follow us and walk through the steps.

Part 1: Set up Google Drive Account on Android

Step 1 Add Google Account
Go to "Settings". Scroll down the page and locate "Account". Hit "All account" and choose "Google".

Add Google Account

Step 2 Sign in Google Account
Choose "Existing". Then enter your Google account and password. Then click the next icon and "OK". By signing in, you are agreeing to the Google Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Google Play Terms of Service. Make sure you phone is online. Once signed in, Google Drive is available.

Add an Existing Account

Part 2: Set up Google Drive Account on PC

Step 1 Run Google Drive on PC
Install Google Drive on your computer. Then you will have a window as below. Click the button "Get Started" at the lower-right corner.

Get Started to Set Google Drive

Step 2 Sign in Google Drive Account
In the sign-in window, please enter your Google account and the password of it. Then click the button "Sign in".

Note: Your computer must be online.

Sign into Google Drive

Step 3 Set up Google Drive
When you are signed in, you can choose "Sync options" to enable sync settings. Click the button "Done". You will complete setting up your Google Drive. Then it is available to look for the menu item to access and manage your Google Drive folder on your computer.

Set up Google Drive Done

Done! You have set up your Google account on both Android and computer. And you can backup files from Android to Google Drive, share files like photos/videos via Google, and more.

Ivy Bruce

Ivy Bruce is the Founder and Editorial Director at Recovery-Android Studio. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.