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How to Send Christmas Messages to a Group of Friends

-- Monday, December 01, 2014
Christmas is just around the comer. For all the excitement in expecting gifts from our wish list, we still get frustrated when holidays like Christmas knocks on our door – group texting is just like an impossible job. Sure it's much convenient than writing a post card, but sending the same greeting message one by one to all the friends, acquaintances, relatives, coworkers and important clients is time consuming. To simply read out those names is making me running out of breath.

Many phone users keep asking me: didn't you have a tool that can transfer SMS from Android Phone to PC,can it be used to send mass messages. Good question, because the answer is YES, you can use Android Transfer to do that.

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Android tips of sending group texts

Step 1 Connect Device to Computer
Please launch Android Transfer to computer by USB cable or connect it over QR code. Android Transfer will detect it and show you the window as below:

Send Christmas Text Messages

Step 2 Send Christmas SMS to your Friends
To send mass message, simply click on "SMS" in the left column. Then click "New SMS" icon on the top of the screen. Now you can type your holiday greetings on the text field and select the contacts you want to send messages. After that, click "Send"

Send Messages to Android

Android Transfer is also a good choice for businesses to Club Texting to their customers. One simple function can have multiple uses. Clock is ticking. You may want to give a try and send you timely wishes to all the people you love. Merry Christmas!.

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