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Save Photos/Videos/Files from OneDrive to Android Phone

-- Wednesday, December 02, 2015
You can access your Android files anywhere anytime even without the Android phone/tablet you use to store your files! Does it seem pie-in-the-skies? But it is indeed a reality. What you need is a cloud storage tool, an account, and an Android device. For instance, if you have uploaded files from Android to OneDrive, reversely you have access to view the files and save photos/videos/files from OneDrive to any Android phone only if you sign in OneDrive with the same account.

What is OneDrive for?
OneDrive is a place for backing up, storing and sharing files. You have 15GB free storage. If you have your photos, videos, Word/Excel/PPT, PDF, etc stored in OneDrive, you can download and save them to your phone with this program.

Part 1 Save OneDrive Files to Android

Step 1 Select Photos/Videos/Files
Connect your Android phone to Wi-Fi hotspot, or turn on mobile data. Then open OneDrive on your Android phone and sign in to your account. In OneDrive, select a photo/video/file. Next, hit the button "Save" at the bottom.

OneDrive Select Photos

Step 2 Prepare for Downloading Photos/Videos/Files
In this page, tap "SAVE" at the upper-right corner to save your photos/videos/files to this location.

OneDrive Save Photo

Step 3 Start Downloading Photos/Videos/Files
Your file has started downloading. Make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi or mobile network. Or your will fail to download your wanted files. After a while, picture/video/files will be downloaded to "Download" folder in Internal storage.

OneDrive Photo Downloaded

Part 2 Download OneDrive Files to Android on Mac

Many of us may have several Android devices. If you want to save OneDrive photos, videos or other files into all your Android smart devices at a time, you can turn to Android File Manager.

Download Mac

Step 1 Download and set up the software on your computer. Hit the "document" button at the upper-right corner of the main interface.

Select OneDrive

Step 2 Sign in your OneDrive account with the proper email/phone and password. Then, the software will ask you to allow it access all information in your account. Just hit the "Yes" button to authorize it. You can also change this application permission at any time in your account settings.

Login OneDrive

Step 3 Connect Android phones to your Mac via USB cable. Remember to enable USB debugging on your phone so as to build the connection. Click the blue arrow button at the top of the two panels, you can set the source and destination device or service. Select Android in one panel and OneDrive in another. Then, choose the file and hit the "Copy" button at the bottom to download data from OneDrive to Android. On the contrary, you can also back up Android files to OneDrive.

Save OneDrive Files to Android

Good job! It is easy to do that! You can view the downloaded files in the "Download" folder. Note that you can save one file from OneDrive at one time only. If you are going to download more, redo these steps!

Ivy Bruce

Ivy Bruce is the Founder and Editorial Director at Recovery-Android Studio. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.