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Get Your GIF Back from Your SD Card

-- Saturday, September 10, 2016
GIF is one of the most popular image formats for the web. It can express more information than the static photos at the same time. If a picture can tell you 10 different things, then a GIF image is worth 100. So what does GIF mean to us? Here are the several reasons why GIF is important in our life:

1. GIF Images to Present Task
Consider when you want to show others a task, you need to make a complex explanation and people may still can not understand. Worse still, you need to show this task to the one that are not around you and you need to explain on the phone or email. But with GIF, you can simply present the task in several seconds.

Present a Task by GIF

2. Animated GIFs to Have Fun
Animated GIFs are widely used in social Apps. When we chat with others, we tend to send a GIF which is very funny to get others' attention. In the other way, we can even send a GIF to express our mind vividly.

SD card is a good storage tool to save digital media, like photos including GIF images or video in digital cameras and mobile device. However, sometimes we may lose the important GIF images in the SD card when it is unable to read. Now, I want to show you how to get your GIF back from SD card.

GIF Images Recovery from SD Card

Step 1 Download the Android Data Recovery and Run it
Android Data Recovery is a very effective program that can recover your lost data. First of all, please choose the version that is matched to your computer and download the program by clicking "Download" below. Once you finish it, please run it!

Download Win Download Win Download Mac Download Mac

Step 2 Connect SD Card to Computer
Please take out the SD card from your device and insert your SD card in a card reader, then choose "Android SD Card Data Recovery" in the left pane and connect the card reader to your computer and click "Next".

Note: When the card reader is connected successfully, you can see the interface as below, which you can check the information including the name and storage space of your SD card.

Connect SD Card Reader to Computer

Then you need to choose a storage scanning mode: Scanning all the data files or just the deleted ones. Click "Next" to continue.

Select Scanning Mode

Step 3 Preview the Data in SD Card
Once the scanning is over, you can preview the photos by clicking "Gallery" at left pane under the "Removable Disk". But you can only recover photos, videos, audios and documents from the SD card.

Recover Data from Android SD Cards

Step 4 Select the GIF to Recover
Please choose the GIF images you want to recover and click "Recover" to restore them to your computer. Then you can go to your computer and view the exported GIF images.

Export GIF Images

The job is done! Just four simple steps and you can get back your deleted GIF images. Actually, Android Data Recovery can also restore the videos, audios and documents from your SD card. So why not have a try?

Download Win Download Win Download Mac Download Mac

Ivy Bruce

Ivy Bruce is the Founder and Editorial Director at Recovery-Android Studio. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.