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How to Break A Pattern Lock on LG Phone

-- Thursday, April 27, 2017
The screen lock password can prevent data from checking by others. However, sometimes when you set up a new password or pick up a previously-used phone with password, you may fail to remember the correct one and thus you can't access your smartphone successfully.

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  • Please follow the guide in part 1 to remove the pattern lock on your LG if you forget the password you set before. And then in Part 2, it would introduce an effective way to back up your data for standby usage. Please continue to read.

    Part 1: Break A pattern Lock on LG Phone with Lock Screen Removal

    To bypass the screen lock on LG phone, you can try the Lock Screen Removal program. First of all, please download and install the Lock Screen Removal program on your computer by clicking the download button below.

    Download Win Download Win Download Mac Download Mac

    Step 1 Launch the Program
    After the program is successfully installed, please launch it! Then choose "Lock Screen Removal" option among the tools and connect LG into computer via the USB cable.

    Removal Locked Screen Start

    Step 2 Choose Phone Information
    Once your device has been detected, you need to choose the phone details from the list and then confirm it.

    Device model Information

    Step 3 Boot LG into Download Mode
    Now, follow the instruction on the program to boot you LG smartphone into download mode. And please do keep your device connected to computer during the process. Then the program would download the matching package automatically, please wait patiently.

    Enter Download Mode

    Step 4 Break a Pattern Lock on LG
    Click on the “Remove” button on the interface and the program would help to break the pattern lock on your LG phone.

    Remove Password Completed

    Part 2: Back Up LG More Frequently

    Back up the files on your Android phone frequently can help a lot when you forget the password to unlock device.

    1. When you need the contents on your locked LG urgently, you can extract the files from the backup copy and deal with the emergency effectively if you have backed up your smartphone before.

    2. You can perform a factory reset to unlock your phone. As you have backed up the data before, you can simply restore the files to your device after resetting.

    3. In addition, backing up data more frequently can prevent data loss.

    In this way, you are recommended to use Android Backup Restore program to back up and save contents on your computer.

    Download Win Download Win Download Mac Download Mac

    Step 1 Plug LG into Computer
    Please launch the Android Backup Restore program and then plug LG phone into computer via the matching USB cable.

    Backup Restore Phone Connect

    Step 2 Back Up LG
    Now, you need to select the data types you want to back up and click on the "Backup" button.

    Backup Restore Backing Up

    After that, the contents would be saved on your PC and you can preview the backup by clicking the "View the Backup".

    Backup Restore Backup Complete

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    Ivy Bruce

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