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How to Recover Deleted Photos from LG Thrill

-- Wednesday, September 18, 2013
The data recovery software is welcomed by more and more phone users because it can help them recover their LG Thrill lost data. However, it is also popular among policemen because they can use LG Thrill Photo Recovery to help them find out the bad things that the suspects have done. The suspects might have contact with their partner in crime with their phone or some criminal evidence were hidden in their LG Thrill, so it is quite possible to send the suspect to prison once got the evidence. LG Thrill Photo Recovery can not only help you recover your LG Thrill contacts, but photos as well. To know more detail about LG Thrill Photo Recovery for example, for LG Thrill, you can read the features of LG Thrill Photo Recovery in the next paragraph.

Android Photo Recovery is an outstanding recovery tool that no matter you use which LG Thrill phone brand or LG G5/G4/G3/G2. Besides, whatever operating system you use, the newer one or the previous one, you are allowed to download LG Thrill Photo Recovery on your computer and perform it after launching it, It empowers you to recover your LG Thrill lost photos, contacts, videos, text messages, notes.

Next, download LG Thrill Photo Recovery on your computer, and launch it, you will be asked to read the tutorial below carefully.

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Steps to Recover LG Thrill Lost Pictures

Step 1 Stop Your Thrill Pictures from Losing Forever
Since Android data can not be restored forever once backup file overwritten, you'd better protect your LG Thrill photos from being updated once you lose your LG data. How? Stop adding or deleting LG Thrill data and download Android Photo Recovery to get ready for the recovery.

Step 2 Connect your LG Thrill to the Computer
After downloading Android Photo Recovery on your computer, install it and launch it. You will be asked by the program to connect your LG Thrill to the computer via USB cable.

Recover Photos from Galaxy S4

Note: Make sure that the USB cable is well connected to your PC through the whole process, otherwise the process will fail half way.

Step 3 Enable USB Debugging of your LG Thrill
The program will ask you to enable USB debugging as the following interface if you haven't enabled the USB debugging before.

Note: Apart from enabling USB debugging, you should pull down the drop-down menu, then switch mode in between "MTP" and "PTP". See the screenshots of LG devices below:

LG USB Connection

Step 4 Scan LG Thrill for Lost Pictures
Before you have your LG data scanned, choose the corresponding files that you want to scan. For example, if you want to recover Android photos, you can tick the box in front of them and click "Next" to recover them from Android backup.

Restore Android Deleted Data

Step 5 Preview and Recover Lost LG Thrill Files
After that, your LG G5/G4/G3/G2 data will be scanned out and listed in categories within few seconds. The Android data will be listed in categories of Messages, Contacts, Videos, Audio, and so on. You are allowed to preview them one after another and choose whatever you want to recover. After you finish choosing, you can click "Recover" to have all these chosen data back to you with this simple click.

Recover Photos from Samsung Galaxy

Android Photo Recovery is so efficient that you need four steps to recover your lost LG Thrill data back to you.

Step 6 Back up Your LG Regularly to Protect the Files
You will be suggested to recover LG data frequently even if you just took a photos or just texted SMS with your friends. In case of losing precious LG data, do backup of your smartphone from time to time. It won't last you long to backup but do will bring you a lot of convenience when you lose Android data.

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