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How to Play Android Games on Big Screen TV

-- Thursday, May 19, 2016
Playing Android Games on big screen is a fantastic experience because it is more funny and enjoyable. And you can show off tricks on the game, demonstrating how to survive the game, how to get high score, and how to break the record. For game developers, you can show your audiences how excellent the game is. To pay Android games on big screen TV, you need to mirror the Android phone screen to the smart TV. This guide will tell you how to do it.

Part 1:Check if your Device is Compatible or Not

The following devices support the screen mirroring feature. Check whether your device is included or not. If yes, prepare your TV for screen mirroring.
Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung Galaxy Note 4/Edge

Part 2:Prepare TV for Screen Mirroring

For Samsung smart TV: To set up screen mirroring on your Samsung smart TV, press the Input button and choose Screen Mirroring on the TV screen.

For HDTV: You will need an AllShare Cast Wireless Hub as a bridge to connect your HDTV to your Android phone. Follow the steps below to connect your HDTV to an AllShare Cast Hub.

Step 1 Connect your AllShare Cast Wireless Hub to a power source and power up the device. Wait for the status indicator to turn red.

Step 2 Connect your AllShare Cast Wireless Hub and your HDTV with an HDMI cable.

Connect TV AllShare Cast Wireless Hub

Step 3 Change the input source of your HDTV so that it matches the HDMI cable.

Step 4 AllShare Hub will detect your TV and it will blink red when the TV is detected.

Step 5 Press Reset button. Then the status indicator will turn blue.

Part 3:Start Beaming your Android Screen to the TV

Step 1 Tap the App icon on your Android phone's home screen.

Step 2 Open the Settings app.

Step 3 Under "Connect and Share", touch "Screen Mirroring".

Tap Screen Mirroring

Step 4 On the Screen Mirroring page, tap on toggle to turn on the feature.

Screen Mirroring Off

Step 5 Tap and select a TV to connect to it.

Screen Mirroring on

Step 6 Your Android phone is mirror to the TV. Now you can play Android Games on big screen TV.

Play Game on Big Screen

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