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OnePlus Phone Photo Recovery

-- Saturday, October 10, 2015
OnePlus mobile phone working on CM ranks third among the top 10 popular brands in the United States, sharing 12% of the sales,. Users praise highly the camera of it, which allows them to shoot clear and sharp pictures. But just like many other Android phone, photo loss issues are still unavoidable. Many Android users send messages to us who focus on the field of picture recovery, asking how to recover deleted photos from OnePlus mobile phone, such as OnePlus 2, OnePlus One Mini, OnePlus One. In this passage, we will answer the question.

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  • We highly recommend Android Photo Recovery. As its name indicates, this program is designed for retrieving all kinds of Android files. Photos (.png, jpg, etc.) can be retrieved even though they are deleted. You can get back lost photos due to deletion, phone formatting, etc. The program is quiet easy to use. Just follow the guide below, you can smoothly get back your deleted images.

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    Recover Deleted Photos from OnePlus Mobile Phone

    Step 1 Connect OnePlus Mobile Phone to Computer
    Stop using the phone once photo loss happens. Then connect OnePlus phone to the program. Make sure USB debugging in your phone is turned on.

    Note: During the whole process, please close other Android management software.

    Connect Phone to PC

    Step 2 Identity Your Device
    In this step, the program will identity your device. If the OS version is 4.2.2 or above, please authorize your computer by going to your phone and tapping the button "OK" in the pop-up note.

    Note: The phone is trying connecting. MobileGo App will be installed automatically to guarantee the connection and recovery processes.

    Step 3 Choose File Types to Scan
    You will be required to select file types you want to regain. Choose "Gallery" in the list. Then click the button "Next".
    After that, you will be asked to select a scan mode. You can alternatively choose "Scan for deleted files" or "Scan for all files".

    Note: To accelerate the scanning process, please click the "Optimize" button in MobileGo App first and stop buggy apps on your OnePlus Mobile phone.

    Choose Photos and Videos

    Step 4 Enable Program to Scan Android
    Tap "Allow" on your phone screen so as to enable the software to scan and analyze your Android device.

    Tap Allow on Phone

    Step 5 Selectively Preview and Restore Photos from OnePlus
    When your phone is being scanned, please do not disconnect it during operation. After scanning, choose "Gallery". You can preview images in details, including name, format, and size. Tick items you would like to retrieve. Then click the button "Recover".

    Recover Photos and Videos

    OnePlus Phone Photo Recovery complete! Pictures you selected have been extracted and exported to the computer. For better saving your files, you are advised to keep a good habit of regularly creating a backup of your pictures. And if you would like to recover photos from external SD card, you can also turn to Android Data Recovery.

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    Ivy Bruce

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