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Locked Android Phone Photo Recovery

-- Friday, December 18, 2015
All of us have sensitive data or personal files stored on our Android device. That’s why most of us will set the pattern lock to prevent the device from unauthorized use. But when you forget your lock pattern, the trouble comes up without giving you an alarm. No matter in which way you’re going to fix this problem to unlock the device or getting a new phone eventually, you’ll probably need to recover photos, messages, as well as contacts from Locked Android.

This article will talk about how to remove the locked screen pattern, PIN, fingerprint and password on your Android. After that, you would able to access the data as you always do. Please continue to read!

Part 1: Unlock Android Device Manually

You are able to unlock device with the Google account, but this method fits the device which is running Android 4.4 or earlier. After you have tried to unlock your device for several times, of cause, with the wrong password or wrong pattern, you will see “Forgot pattern” and please tap it. Then enter your username and password of Google Account you set up before on your Android. In this way, you are allowed to reset the screen lock.

Of cause, you can reset your device to remove the lock screen. However, you would lose the data on your device and it would not be recommended.

As the above methods may not fit with all of Android users and you may could not remember your Google password, so in part 2, you can find out an much simpler way to unlock device.

Part 2: Unlock Android with Locked Screen Removal

To remove the screen lock on Android, Lock Screen Removal is the best tool that you can trust with. No matter you set digital passcode, fingerprint or pattern password to lock your Samsung, the software can help you remove it easily.

Download Win Download Win Download Mac Download Mac

Step 1 Run Lock Screen Removal and Connect Android to PC
After installing, run the program on computer. Then, choose "Lock Screen Removal" option on the main interface.

Run Android Data Recovery

Please connect your Android device to computer with the USB cable and now, you need to go to your phone and enable the USB debugging on it. After you connect your device successfully, you will see the interface as below and please click "Start" button.

Start to Remove the Lock Screen

Step 2 Put Locked Android into Download Mode
Turn off the phone > Press and hold the Home button, Power button and volume down button at the same time > Press the volume up button to enter Download mode.
1.Power off your Samsung device
2.Press the Volume down, Home button and Power button at the same time.
3.Press the Volume up button to enter Download mode.

Enter Download Mode

Step 3 Download Recovery Package for Locked Android
The program will automatically analyze your phone and download recovery package to your Samsung Galaxy phone.
Note: Mostly, this process will be finished in seconds. But there might be chances that you fail to enter this mode and a message like "downloading recovery package failed". Don’t be panic. Go to "Exit Download mode" to exit the download mode first. And you will be taken to the home page again from which you can select "Fixed my bricked phone" option to solve the problem.

Download Recovery Package

Step 4 Remove Lock on Android
After the removing process completes, you would get the interface as below to notify that your Android has been unlocked.

Remove Lock on Android

Step 5 Recover Photos from Unlocked Samsung Galaxy
After your Android get unlocked, you would able to start to recover the lost photos on your device. Please go back to home page of the program and click "Data Recovery" on the left pane to begin retrieve the lost data.

Recover Photos from Locked Samsung

With the help of Lock Screen Removal, you have no need to be struggled by a locked Android device. Hope this article would help you in restoring photos wanted from locked device. Also, we suggest you to do regular data backup of your Android so that you can easily get back the precious data in case losing it.

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Ivy Bruce

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