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Measure Heart Rate and Stress with S Health

-- Saturday, July 02, 2016
Heart rate and stress are two significant factors to measure whether our body is going on well or not. However, it's cumbersome and inaccurate to measure the two on our own. Would you still count heartbeat one by one? Still don't know how to effectively estimate your stress level? Here comes a nice tool, S Health!
Samsung comes out with a big breakthrough in hardware, say, the built-in sensor which enables users to measure heart rate and stress with ease. You can scroll down and read on to see how to measure Heart Rate and Stress with S Health.

Part 1: Measure Heart Rate via S Health

Step 1 Turn on Heart Rate Monitor
Make sure that you've got S Health on your device. If not, download directly from Google Play. Then, open the App and select "Heart rate" from the home screen.
Note that you have to enable "Heart rate" option at first by heading to "Manage items" and toggling "Heart rate".

Turn On Heart Rate Monitor

Step 2 Place Your Finger on the Sensor
Press your finger on the sensor which is on the back of your device. Just slightly place your finger and hold still for seconds. The sensor glows red, which means that it is reading your pulse.

Place Finger on Monitor

Step 3 Get Heart Rate Data
After a while, you can see your heart rate showed on the screen. According to Mayo Clinic, a normal resting heart rate for adults lies between 60 and 100 beats per minute, and a lower number at rest shows more efficient function and better cardio fitness.

Measure Heart Rate Results

If you find your heart rate is too high, try to calm down and take a good break. Stay concerned about how your heart is going on!

Part 2: Measure Stress Level via S Health

You can also use Heart rate monitor to detect your stress level, which is estimated by comparing the variance of your heart rate with the average heart rate at your age. The steps are similar to measure your heart rate, so let's make it short.
Perform the app and choose "Stress" option. Now, slightly put your finger on the sensor and try to keep still and quiet. It will take a bit longer than measuring heart rate to finish detecting your stress level. When done, your stress level will be showed on the scale from "Low" to "High".
Note that you have to enable "Stress" option at first by heading to "Manage items" and toggling "Stress".

S Health Measure Stress Level

Part 3: How to Effectively Relieve Stress?

If you find yourself under stress, you'd better be aware. Stress makes you negative, sluggish and subject to disease. Why live in such a stressful life? Relieve yourself! Here are some tips for you to reduce your stress. Scroll down and have a try.

Carve out "Me" Time
Whether it's texting an old friend for a quick laugh or hanging out in your car just long enough to hear your favorite song all the way to the end, it's important to do something every day that's just for you, in order to help avoid stress.

Eat for Better Energy
The food plays a role in our energy levels and mood. Not surprisingly, healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, high-fiber foods, lean meats, and poultry are best at keeping energy levels up.

Exercise Regularly
Aim for 30 minutes of walking or other physical activity a day. And don't worry if you don't have a solid 30-minute time block; you'll still get the benefits of exercise if you break it into 5- or 10-minute chunks throughout the day.

Recharge—both Mentally and Physically
Get out of the house and do something you enjoy at least once a week—it's a great pick-me-up. Practice stress relief techniques: consider touring a museum, taking a class, or visiting a friend. If the person you care for needs round-the-clock attention, ask a friend or family member to help out so you can take a break.

Stay Connected
Connecting with friends and family is important to your health and well-being—if not in person, then by phone or online. Keep the conversation upbeat and talk about things that you enjoy.

Think Positively
A little positive thinking can go a long way. Realize that it's perfectly natural to feel guilty or overwhelmed at times. But be sure to give yourself credit for all the good things you have done.

S Health Relieve Stress

If your stress level is too high, get some entertainment! People are subject to illness especially when feeling stressful. Don't live such a stressful life. Enjoy the moment right now! Our life is expected to be as happy as we want it to be!

Ivy Bruce

Ivy Bruce is the Founder and Editorial Director at Recovery-Android Studio. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.