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Get Pictures Back from Galaxy without enabling USB Debugging

-- Wednesday, December 16, 2015

One beauty of Android is that it has a lot of built-in advanced features. USB Debugging is one of them that you can benefit from, especially when you need to recover data like photos from device to PC. But imagine that if your Samsung phone is broken and the USB debugging is not working, is there still a way to recover deleted pictures from Samsung? The answer is yes. Android Data Extraction is a replacement option.

Android Data Extraction allows you to recover files from the Samsung Galaxy S/Note/Tab devices without enabling the USB debugging. By establishing a direct connection between a Samsung S5/S4/Note 4/Note 3/S II, Galaxy A9/A7/A5, etc. and a computer, this program can help you analyze, scan and recover all found pictures from the device without much hassle.

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Recover Deleted Pictures from Samsung without Enabling USB Debugging

Note: If you want to recover deleted photos, contacts, messages, etc. from Samsung phone, you should stop using your phone from the moment when your data is lost. This could make sure that your old data will not be overwritten.
Step 1 Connect Samsung Phone to PC
Launch the program, and connect your device to computer. From the bottom of the interface, you will see two options. Select "Broken Android Data Extraction", which supports to recover data without enabling the USB debugging. But this function is only workable for several Samsung devices.

Recover Files from Samsung

Step 2 Select Phone Model
There are two broken types that you can choose from: touch screen cannot be use and black screen. Select the one that matches your device condition and then you will be asked to select your device mode & name from a given box. If you cannot find your own device model, you can go to "No my device on the list" to see if your device is supported.

Select Broken Phone

Step 3 Enter Download Mode
To get your device into Download mode, you should follow the steps here: Turn off the Phone > Press and hold the Volume down button & Home button & Power button > Press the Volume up button. After that, you will enter the Download mode when the countdown is finished.
Note: However, if you are not able to get into this mode smoothly, you will be given the "Exit Download mode" option which will lead you back to the main interface. On the main interface, you can select "Fix my bricked pone" to try to fix the issue and enter the system again.

Enter Download Mode

Step 5 Analyze Your Device and Download Recovery Package
If you entered the Download mode successfully, this program will start to match the device model and download the recovery package for it.

Analyze Broken Samsung

Step 6 Scan, Preview and Recover Deleted Photos
Now the program will start to scan the files stored in your device, and when it is finished, you are able to preview the details of pictures. Go to the "Gallery" option on the left panel, and take a preview at the images one by one. After that, mark down the ones you’d like to restore and go to "Recover" to save them on PC.

Recover Documents from Samsung

If you use a Samsung phone and you’ve searched for solutions to recover deleted files from Samsung Galaxy, you’ve probably heard the term "Android Data Extraction" every once in a while. Just know that this program will give you full control over your important files of the device. Why not give it a try? Moreover, you should back up data from Android to computer regularly.

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Ivy Bruce

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