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How to Get Missing Files Back with Dropbox

-- Monday, November 11, 2013
Dropbox is a file storing, sync, and backup tool for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and etc. users. As long as you install the Dropbox application on your computer or devices, every time you "drop" new files into the Dropbox folder, they will be automatically synced and backed up to the Dropbox server. But what if you accidentally delete a file from the Dropbox folder? Will the deleted file just gone from the server simultaneously? Or have you still got chance to get it back? Being a smart file manager, Dropbox enables you to restore the missing files at ease. Another excellent feature of Dropbox is file sharing. It allows you to share one file to several partners at the same time. And all of them can edit and modify the file online in the share folder. Everyone in the share group will get the updates automatically. However, if one did some wrong modification to the document and saved it, is it possible to restore files to previous versions? Keep on reading the following article and check how to get things done.

Part 1 Recover Deleted Files with Dropbox

1 Recover Deleted Files or Folders from Trash Bin
Sign in to the Dropbox website and click into file folders. Hit the trash can icon near the file search browser to display the recent deleted files or folders.

Display Deleted Files in Trash Can

When you found the file or folder you need to retrieve, select and right click it. Then, choose the "Restore" option in the pop-up panel. Now you can check the file back in the folder stored it before deletion.

Tips: If you want to recover several files or folders at a time, keep pressing the "shift" (PC) or "command" (Mac) key as you click to select files or folders.

Restore Deleted Files from Dropbox

2 Undo Deletion Events to Restore Files or Folders
After you log in Dropbox, hit the "Events" button at the left-side bar. It shows when you add, delete, modify and share files or folders.

Search for Deleted Files or Folders in Events

Once you found the deleted file, select and click it. Then, hit the "Restore this file" button at the top-left to recover the file.

Restore Files from Dropbox Events

Note: All the deleted files or folders will only be saved in Dropbox website for 30 days. If you own a Dropbox for Business or Dropbox Pro account purchased with Extended Version History, you can restore a deleted file at any time within a year.

Part 2 Restore Documents to Previous Versions

Search for the file in the file Browser. Select the file you need and right-click it. Then, choose "Previous versions" in the pop-up menu.

Click Previous Versions Button

Check the version of the file you want to revert to. Select the ratio button at the left of the version and hit the "Restore" button.

Revert Files to Previous Version

Dropbox is an insanely useful tool helping you backup and restore important files and folders, revert documents to previous versions as well. If you have any question on the use of Dropbox, please feel free to leave it below.

Ivy Bruce

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