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Export WhatsApp Messages via Email on iPhone

-- Friday, June 05, 2015
The amount of WhatsApp users has skyrocketed to 8 billion per month, among which Apple users occupy a big share. However, many users encounter this and that problems. One of the hottest topics is to back up and export WhatsApp messages. Actually, it is not so hard to export WhatsApp messages as you think. WhatsApp for iPhone has the built-in feature to extract and export WhatsApp conversations. Let's start the trip to export WhatsApp Messages via email on iPhone. Shall we?

Step 1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone. Then go to "Chats". Select a contact. Left wipe it and then you will get two options - "More" and "Archive". Hit "More".

Select Conversation

Step 2. Select "Email Chat" on the pop-up as the screenshot shows.

Select Email Chat

Step 3. Type an email address where you want to send your chat history to. After that, tap "Send". The chat history will be enclosed and sent.

Add Email Address

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