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Selectively Export iOS KIK Data on Mac

-- Monday, June 13, 2016
Since human being is becoming an increasingly sociable species, people across the world tend to glue to a variety of messaging app no matter what they're doing. Here comes Kik, a free chatting app featured by cute emoji and various awesome GIF. It also allows you to share your moment with friends by a short video. In fact, I am actually a fan of Kik. Moreover, I will regularly export Kik data to Mac lest I lose some important content. You should do so either. And I am going to show you how I do that in the following sections.

iPhone Data Recovery enjoys a good reputation, for it develops to help users back up and restore iOS data in a simple and easy way. Various content on iOS devices, such as contacts, messages, photos, video, etc. can be easily retrieved via the program. It is currently available to Kik users. If you've made backups for your Kik content in advance, you can selectively export Kik chat history or attachments to Mac or directly restore on your device. Scroll down and see how to selectively export Kik data on Mac.

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Step 1 Head to "Kik Backup & Restore"
Perform iPhone Data Recovery in the first place, and then, ensure both iOS device and Mac connected via USB cable. Please tap "Kik Backup & Restore" to enter next step.

iPhone Data Recovery Toolkit

Step 2 Check out Previous Backups
Please tap on "To view the previous backup file" right under "Backup" button. Then, you will be able to see those backups you previously did display on the interface.

View Kik Backup

Choose one of the backups and select "View".

View Kik Backup in Detail

Step 3 Selectively Export Kick Content to Mac
You can check out Kik data on this interface. On the left panel, you can choose "KIK" or "KIK Attachments" options. "KIK" stands for Kik chat history and "KIK Attachments" for photos and videos. You can select one option or both options, and then tap on "Export to Mac" as to transfer those selected data on Mac.

Export Kik Data

How easy, right? With simple steps, you can export those data you selected on Mac with ease. To do backups for iOS content is strongly recommended. Even if you lose them, they can be easily restored with iPhone Data Recovery.

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