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How to Exchange and Set up Outlook Account on Android

-- Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Since Aug. 1st, 2012, Microsoft has replaced Hotmail with Outlook mailbox. It becomes popular once known by the users. However, it is likely that some of Microsoft Email users haven’t registered an Outlook account yet. Why not register one and try to set up and exchange your email account with Outlook Email? Today, I will give you a simple tutorial on how to exchange and set Outlook account on Android.

What You Need:
An Android Phone
Register an Outlook account

Easy Steps to Set up An Outlook Account on Android
1. Click “Email” icon on your Android.

Email Icon on Android

2. Enter your Outlook Email address and passwords. Then, hit “Manually Setting”.

Android Set up Email Screen

3. In the “Domain\Username” field, type your full e-mail address in this box. If Domain and Username are separate text boxes in your version of Android, leave the Domain box empty and type your full e-mail address in the Username box.

Enter Domain Name

4. After that, you will be required to enter the password and the exchange server. Tick “Use secure connection (SSL)”. Click “Next”.

5. Wait for several seconds and you will see an “Account Options” interface. Choose the email checking frequency according to your preference. And click “Next”.

Android Account Options Screen

6. Lastly, you can also name this account by entering a name in the “Give this account a name (optional)” filed. Then, enter “Your name” in the next field. In the end, click “Done” to finish it.

Android Set up Email Last
By the way, it will take you a few minutes to sync all your messeages to your inbox.
That’s it, with simply 7 steps, you can set a Outlook account on your Android Samsung Galaxy S5 with ease.

Ivy Bruce

Ivy Bruce is the Founder and Editorial Director at Recovery-Android Studio. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.