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Ways to Get More RAM on iMac/Macbook Pro

-- Friday, August 04, 2017
Have no extra internal memory to download and save applications on your Macbook with 128GB? Macbook runs much more slowly than before? Apps usually get frozen when running on Mac? If you are also facing the above problems, it’s time to release Mac memory space and get more RAM.

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  • Part 1 Release Internal Memory Space on Mac

    CleanMyMac 3, a professional Mac cleaner, enables you check and free up memory space on Mac in one-click. Besides, it can also help you delete various kinds of junk files, uninstall useless apps and optimize Mac performance. Let’s check how to release memory space on Mac.

    Download Mac Download Mac

    Run CleanMyMac 3 on your computer. Click the Dashboard button to check the information of your Mac. The second bar in the interface shows you how much RAM space you can release. Hit the Free Up button next to it to release RAM memory. You can also get more RAM by delete junk files, clear full scratch disks and more.

    Free Up RAM on Mac

    Part 2 Upgrade and Get More RAM on Mac

    If your Macbook internal memory is quite small, and release RAM space with CleanMyMac doesn’t satisfy your need, you may have to buy a new Macbook or upgrade RAM. No matter you’ve upgraded RAM before, the following guide will help you upgrade the RAM compatible with your Macbook step-by-step.

    Step 1 Check RAM Information on Mac
    Firstly, you need to check the system information of your Mac. Click Apple icon and select About This Mac. Then, click System Report to get more details. The Banks are the slots that RAM inserted into. If you have no bank, it will be much easier for you to upgrade RAM.

    Check RAM on Mac

    Step 2 Ensure the Maximum RAM Size of Your Mac
    Find detail configuration information of your Mac in Apple official site. When found your model, you can check how much RAM can be upgraded into your computer.

    Compatible RAM Size

    Step 3 Purchase & Install RAM on Mac
    Purchase the compatible Memory module from Apple Store. Here is how to install it on Mac, we take Macbook as example.
    1.Shut down the device and disconnect power adapter and USB cable.
    2.Turn over the Macbook and remove the screws to open the bottom case.

    Remove Macbook Bottom Case

    3.Touch a metal surface inside the computer to discharge any static electricity from your body.

    Remove Static Energy

    4.Align the notch on the gold edge of the module with the notch in the lower memory slot.Tilt the card and push the memory into the slot. Push down on the memory module,when you insert the memory correctly, you will hear the click sound. Install the additional memory module in the top slog with the same procedure.Press down on the module to make sure it is level.

    Upgrade RAM on Mac

    5. Tighten the bottom case back to Macbook

    If you want to install RAM on iMac, please refer to the guide here. If you cannot find the suitable RAM module, we still suggest you to use CleanMyMac 3 to optimize Mac memory usage.

    Ivy Bruce

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