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How Do You Free Up Hard Drive on Laptop for Better Performance?

-- Thursday, January 01, 1970
If your hard drive is almost full, you would find out that some large files would fail to be successfully downloaded and stored on the disk. Worst still, your computer may slow down and some applications would crash from time to time. Now, it's time to erase the junk files and free up your hard disk.

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  • Here are two methods for your choice. Please check them out below and select the one that fit your case well.

    Part 1: Free Up Hard Drive on Laptop Effectively

    The first way I want to introduce is using the CleanMyPC program to effectively erase the useless files or junks on your computer. The CleanMyPC program is pretty powerful that can help to delete your files securely. Please check on the guide below.

    Step 1 Install CleanMyPC on Windows
    To begin with, you need to download and install the CleanMyPC program on your Windows PC by clicking the download button below.

    Download Win Download Win

    Step 2 Scan Out Junk Files
    The program can identify series of items such as cache, log files and other useless files that can be wiped out from your PC without any loss to the system. Please select the first option "My Computer" on the left. Then click on the "Scan" button to continue.

     Scan Out Junk Files

    Step 3 Free Up Hard Drive
    After the scanning process is done, you can check how much the junk files consuming your hard disk of your PC. Click on the "Show Details" and you are able to view the files that are useless and ought to be removed. Continue to click on the “Clean” button to free up your computer.

     Free Up Hard Drive

    Note: Please try to stop running all the applications on your PC when the CleanMyPC program starts to work or it cannot completely scan out the junks.

    Part 2: Free Up Hard Drive on Laptop Manually

    Of course you can delete the junk files one by one on your own. It may take some time but can free up the hard drive space on your computer as well.

    Step 1 Firstly, please drag the unwanted files such as outdated documents, useless photos/videos and more to the Recycle Bin and then empty it as you usually do before.

    Step 2 Then you can use the Microsoft's built-in disk cleaner- Windows Disk Cleanup to delete the temp folders and random system files to free up the storage space. Please go to the Start Menu and enter "disk cleanup" in the search box. After that, you are able to choose which disk to clear. Select one and you can see the interface as below. Tick on the items you want to erase and click on the "OK" button.

    Windows Disk Cleanup to Delete Temp Folders

    Step 3 Uninstall unnecessary or useless applications on your computer. Those unnecessary applications can take up much space of your hard drive. So please uninstall them off your computer if you don't need them anymore.

    Though you can clear the junks and free up hard drive manually, it is not easy enough to deal with and would be pretty time-consuming for the users. In this way, you are recommended to try the first method, which can get the job done with several simple clicks. If you have any question, please drop us a comment below.

    Ivy Bruce

    Ivy Bruce is the Founder and Editorial Director at Recovery-Android Studio. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.