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Clear Google Search History and Records on PC to Protect Your Privacy

-- Thursday, January 01, 1970
If you don't want to keep the searching history or a record of the webpages you’ve just visited via the Google Chrome, you are able to delete all of them and thus protect your online privacy, especially when the computer is for public.

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  • This article would talk about how to remove browsing history and traces of your online activities. You can check on the below two ways: manually and use the PC cleaner tool to clear the caches, passwords, searching records and history, videos downloading and watching records, etc.

    Method 1: Clear Google Search History and Records with CleanMyPC

    You can get all your browsers to be scanned in one spot with the CleanMyPC program. And you don’t have to go through the browser settings to clean up the caches, cookies, traces and login data any more. Now, let's check how it works.

    Step 1 Install CleanMyPC on PC
    Please click on the download button below to install the CleanMyPC program on your PC. After that, just launch it.

    Download Win Download Win

    Step 2 Start the Removing Process
    On the interface of the program, please select the "privacy" tool on the left menu and then continue to click on the "Start using" button.

    Start the Removing Process

    Step 3 Clear Google Search History and Records
    You can see all the browsers would be displayed. Please select the items such as cache, cookies, sessions, history and so on from the different browsers you want to erase. Click on the "Clean" icon on the bottom and the job is done!

    Clear Google Search History

    Method 2: Clear Google Search History and Records without Any Tool

    If you only want to clear the Search History and Records from Google chrome and those traces are not too many to delete, you can try to wipe them off from the chrome settings without any other tools.

    Step 1 Open Google Chrome on your computer and click on the "More" button at the top right corner.

    Step 2 Go to "History > History" and click on "Clear browsing data" option on the left.

    Step 3 You can see a pop-up window now. Please select the beginning of time and the types of data you want to delete.

    Step 4 Click on the "Clear browsing data" and you can wipe your online history.

    Clear Google Search History and Record

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    Ivy Bruce

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