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How to Erase All Content and Settings from Old iPhone

-- Tuesday, February 16, 2016
If you’ve been the victim of leaking private information from the iPhone especially when recycling or reselling the old gadget, you should notice the importance of making sure your old iPhone is wiped clean before giving or selling to the new owner. Only in this way can you protect your personal information from leaking to someone else. To help you prepare you old iPhone for its next owner, it’s highly recommended to use Secure Eraser to erase all content from your old device. It’s the best tool for cleaning up an old iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

Secure Eraser is a program comes in handy when you need to erase everything from the old iPhone, such as iPhone 7/6s, etc. It is designed to permanently erase all content and settings from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It works for both Mac and Windows. In addition, this program also lets you clean the junk files, data cache and more to free up more storage space. Normally it takes just a few minutes to complete the process, but it all depends on the total data storage of your iPhone.

Note: Before you go any further, double check the content stored in your old iPhone and see if there is any file that you need to keep. It’s essential to make sure your iPhone is backed up via iTunes or iCloud.

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Part 1: Erase All Content from Old iPhone via Secure Eraser

Step 1 Connect Old iPhone to Computer
Download > install > run the software on computer. After that, you can connect your iPhone to PC via the USB cable. Select "Trust this computer" on your iPhone to build the connection. Once done you will see the main interface as below.

Connect iPhone to Computer

Step 2 Select Erase All Data
Go to "Erase All Data" from the primary window and you will be led to an interface which asks you to enter "delete" to confirm your action. Then, tap "Erase Now" to begin the process.

Erase All Data

Step 3 Erase All Content from Old iPhone
The program will take just a few minutes to erase everything from your old iPhone. If you would like to stop the process at some point or another, just tap the "Stop" button. And to make sure the whole process will be going on smoothly, please keep your device connected to the computer for the whole time.

Start Erasing Data from iPhone

There you go! When you see an interface saying that you’ve completed the process, you can check your device to see if everything has been wiped out.

Part 2: Wipe All Data from Old iPhone by Resetting it Directly

Another method to erase all data and settings from old iPhone is to perform a factory resetting on your iPhone directly. Here is how to do it:
Step 1: Go to "Settings" from the Home screen and select “General” from the menu.
Step 2: Tap "Reset" button at the bottom of the page.
Step 3: Select "Erase All Content and Settings" option from the given list, and click on "Erase iPhone" from the pop-up window to confirm the decision.

Start Erasing Data from iPhone

You can choose either of the methods to erase all content and settings on your device. The Secure Eraser program is compatible with all iPhone models including iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 4s and more. If you’ve got better ideas on how to erase old iPhone data, share it in the comments!

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