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How to Delete Photos/Videos from iPhone before Selling it

-- Tuesday, February 16, 2016
Thinking about selling your iPhone to buy a newer and fancier model like iPhone 7/7 Plus/6s/6s Plus, or Samsung Galaxy S7? Before you send it out into the world, the first concern is to make sure you’ve wipe your iPhone clean. After all, the last thing you want is to let your photos, videos, emails, or sensitive personal information fall into the wrong hands. You can have several options to go: delete photos/videos from iPhone manually or use a program call Secure Eraser to completely erase your iPhone data.

If you manually delete photos or videos on your device, it’s possible that the deleted data are still somewhere in your iPhone and can be recoverable. To completely erase them form the device, you’d better use Secure Eraser. It can make sure that all unwanted content is cleaned up, and it also features the ability to erase the deleted items on your iPhone. So if you have deleted photo or videos from your device directly, you can use this program to take further cleanup so as to make sure nothing is left in your iPhone. Now let’s see how to use it to erase photos/videos from iPhone.

Note: Don’t forget back up your iPhone photo, video and other data before erasing the device to reduce the risk of data loss.

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How to Delete Photos/Videos from iPhone

Step 1 Start the Program
First download and install the software as usual, and then connect your iPhone to computer. To build the connection completely, you need to select "Trust this computer" from the pop-up message on your iPhone. Then you will see the program start initializing and connecting your device. When all is done, you will be seeing the primary window as follow:

Connect iPhone to Computer

Step 2 Erase Photos/Videos from iPhone

Method 1: Erase All Data with One Click

From the primary window, there are altogether 5 options. Select "Erase All Data" which will delete all content on your device permanently and make your device like brand new.

Erase All Data

Enter "delete" and select "Erase Now" from the next come-up window. A few minutes later, all content will be wiped out for good.

Start Erasing Data from iPhone

Method 2: Further Erase Deleted Photos/Videos on iPhone

All deleted items on your device will be scanned out by this program. If you have already deleted photos/videos from your iPhone previously, then use this program to fully clean up the deleted files on your device. Select "Erase Deleted Files" from the primary window. Then the program will automatically scan all deleted data on your device. Click on "Erase Now" to begin erasing the files.

Start Erasing Data from iPhone

That’s it! Secure Eraser makes wiping your iPhone data a simple and secure process. Now your iPhone’s been fully erased and reset, it’s ready for selling at any time!

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