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How to Delete Apps from Android Phone

-- Thursday, February 27, 2014
As long as you have buys a new smart phone, you will find that there are some system-provided software stored in your new Android phone. The software can be separated into three types: Apps that can't be uninstalled, the apps that can be uninstalled, and promotion apps. If you delete some apps that are essential for your phone, it may affect the usage of the phone or your phone will be unable to power off. Apps that can't be installed included some system-provided software like media player, input methods, and so on. System software can't be deleted if you don't have your phone rooted. If the apps are those you installed later rather than system provided, you can uninstall it as you like.

Method 1: Guide to Uninstall APP from Android

In the following instruction, we'll show you how to easily remove unwanted application from mobile device.
Step 1 Go to Setting > General. Tap "Application Manager" option to open the application list.

Select Application Manager Application Stored in Android

Step 2 Select the one you want to delete and you will enter the app info interface. Hit the "Uninstall" button to remove the app from your Android device.

Check App Information Confirm App Uninstallation

Note: The operation to delete downloaded applications from Android devices may differ a little bit according to the different versions of the running systems.

Method 2: Remove Apps with One Click

As the former introduction shows, we can conclude that it just allows to uninstall apps one by one so that is a little trouble if we need to delete all applications but Android Transfer can offer hands.

Download Win Download Win Download Mac Download Mac

Step 1 Get this smart program and connect Samsung/HTC/LG or other Android phones to PC. You will gain the following interface.

Connect Phone to PC

Step 2 Enter "Apps" screen to go on. Just tick some apps that you'd like to remove and press "Uninstall" on the top to get them away. That is really simple to fix your case.

Uninstall Apps

Method 3: Remove Apps from Android Phone via Secure Eraser

Secure Eraser is one of the professional solutions to delete apps from Android phone. When you erase apps from the device, other data such as photos, contacts, music, videos, SMS and more will be erased as well. So it’s important to make a backup of Android data first before you get started. You can follow the instructions below and see how to do that. This program is compatible with almost all Android devices including Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/S4, HTC One M10/9/8, Nexus 6/5, Huawei Horner 5X, One Plus 3/2/1 and more.

Download Win Download Win Download Mac Download Mac

Step 1 Connect Android Phone to Computer
Install and launch the program, and then connect your Android device to PC via the USB cable. Now, make sure that the USB debugging option on your device is enable. Once it’s done, you will see the below interface.

Launch Secure Eraser on Computer

Step 2 Select Erase All Data
Select "Erase All Data" from the main interface and the next window will show up. You will need to enter "delete" to confirm that you want to erase all data. After that, tap "Erase Now" to continue.

 Start Erasing Data from Android

Step 3 Factory Data Reset on Android
It’ll take a few minutes for the program to complete the erasing. When it finished, you still need to take a "Factory Data Reset" on Android to completely erase all system data and settings. Once it’s done, nothing will be left in your device.

 Factory Data Reset

If you haven't had your phone rooted, you can't delete the system-provided application. You can search the Internet for the tutorial of rooting your Android phone. After rooting, you can delete not only the system-provided but also the installed software. Some uninstall software may have some plug-in with it, I highly recommend you to uninstall them after uninstalling these program.

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