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How to Deal with Brush Failure on Android

-- Friday, November 29, 2013
We have talked about rooting or brushing Android devices in previous articles. Of course you can enjoy more privileges after getting root access of your smartphone. But there also exists an accident that you fail to brush your device and it unfortunately goes "brick". Don't worry, now we are introducing how to deal with this situation and recovery your Android in easy steps.

Brush Failure on Android

Follow the steps below and bring back your Android phone:

Recover Android after Brush Failure

Step 1: Install Android SDK on the PC
Go to Android SDK official website to download and install Android SDK on the PC first.

Step 2: Install USB Driver on the computer
Connect your Android to the PC with a USB cable. Power on the device and you will be informed to install USB driver. Select to customize the installing path to be defaulted "usb_driver" submenu under "Android SDK" directory.

Step 3: Download an Effective Recovery Program
Download an effective recovery program responding to your Android device, as different Android devices correspond to different recovery program versions. Generally we choose Clock Recovery Program, and then save it on C:\\recovery-RA-Magic- v2.3.1.img.

Step 4: Reinstall Recovery Program on Android Device
Now, open "Start" menu on the PC and run "cmd" in the searching box. Enter "#adb devices" then. If it appears a string of serial number, your phone is connected successfully. Type and enter "cd" to navigate to Recovery program directory. Write in "# adb reboot bootloader" thus your Android will enter FastBoot Mode. In addition, put in "#fastboot flash recovery-RA-Magic-v2.3.1.img" and run it. If you get the instructions below, you have installed the Recovery Program successfully on your phone.
fastboot flash recovery recovery-RA-Magic-v2.3.1.img
sending 'recovery' (4594 KB)… OKAY
writing 'recovery'… OKAY

Step 5: Recover your Android Device
Unplug your Android and turn it off now. Enter FastBoot Mode and press "Power" button to enter Bootloader Mode. Use "Volume –" button to select "Recovery" option in the menu. If yes, then congratulates, your "bricked" Android smartphone comes back to your life successfully.

No matter you are advanced Android users, or you know few things about Android, you can use this way to recue your brush failed device.

Ivy Bruce

Ivy Bruce is the Founder and Editorial Director at Recovery-Android Studio. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.