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How to Copy Messages from Android to iPhone

-- Monday, September 30, 2013
Some people may find it difficult to share the resource from different models of mobile phones. For example, you may be a big fan of smartphones and frequently change your mobiles but don't want to lose your personal information saved on the previous device. Android mobiles and iPhone are the most common used phones. Do you know how to transfer your text messages as well as MMS between Android and iPhone? Now just make good use of of this efficient tool - Phone Transfer.

As a common-used tool, Phone Transfer can copy your  contacts, video, call logs, text messages, apps and other data and transfer to another device. It supports various phones including iPhone and Android mobiles. What's more, Phone Transfer will save your time to copy messages from Android to iPhone with one click. Now let us tell you what to do.

How to Copy Messages from Android to iPhone

Now download the app and run it. The free trial version is specially designed for you before paying for it.

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Step 1 Connect Samsung S5 and iPhone 6 to Computer
Firstly, connect your Android and iPhone to your computer via USB cables. Your devices will be detected by your computer immediately. Then you'll get a following window.

Connect Two Phones to PC

After connection, the names of your devices will be shown in the places of "Source" and "Destination". If they are misplaced, please click "flip" to change them back.

Step 2 Start to Copy Messages from Samsung S5 to iPhone 6
Now, the window below will pop up, listing the data like photos, messages, contacts, and so on. Untick the data you don't want and then click "Start Copy". Here you just need to choose messages.

Copy Contacts from Android to iPhone

Note: The MMS are also supported to be transferred from Android to iPhone, including the attachments like photos and the not-delivered messages. The text messages and the MMS will all be shown if you choose "Text Messages".

The button "Clear data before copy" is used for emptying your destination phone before the transfer.
Don't disconnect your USB cables during the progress or it will fail to transfer data. When it ends, please click "OK".

Following the simple steps, you can smoothly move your previous messages from the old Android  phone to iPhone. With Phone Transfer, you will no longer worry about losing your personal information if you change your mobile. Do you wanna have a try? Stop waiting!

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Ivy Bruce

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