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MirrorLink: Control Android Phone on Your Car Safely

-- Wednesday, May 18, 2016
"Using cell phone while driving is at least a contributing factor to more than one-in-four car accidents across the country." A recent study from the National Safety Council found that 26 percent of all car accidents were caused by a driver using a cell phone. Extremely horrible, right? However, many drivers still do the dangerous thing as they trust to luck. If you want to control Android phone on your car safely, for example, control navigation, music and more, MirrorLink can help.

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MirrorLink is designed for drivers to control their Android phone when driving. Once you connect to MirrorLink-enabled smartphone to any MirrorLink-enabled vehicle, you can see Android apps on the dashboard display. And you can hear the audio via the car's speakers. Here's how.

MirrorLink: Control Android Phone on Your Car Safely

Step 1 First of all, check if your phone are MirrorLink-supported or not. And make sure your car's stereo system supports MirrorLink so you can use this feature.
For Android phone, please go to:
For vehicle, please go to:

Step 2 Connect your Android phone to your car's USB port with a USB cable.

MirrorLink Connect

Step 3 Touch Apps from your Android home screen > Touch Settings > Touch MirrorLink.

Touch Mirrorlink

Step 4 When prompted with the MirrorLink screen, mark the checkbox next to "Connect" to vehicle via USB.

Connect Android to Car via USB

Doing so allows the MirrorLink to mirror your phone's screen on your car's display. Whether screens and settings available or not depends on the software version and your wireless service provider. However, for your safety, we remind you not to use your phones while behind the wheel!

MirrorLink Connect Successfully

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