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How to Back Up LINE Messages & Photos on iPhone 7/6s

-- Thursday, September 01, 2016
Recently, iPhone 7 is about to be released. People pay high attention to the news about the new device. It is the fact that iPhone earns a good reputation for its high quality and creative ideas. If you are the crazy fans of iPhone, you may tend to buy the new iPhone 7. Once you get a new device, the problem that troubles you most maybe the data backup like contacts, messages, call history, photos and the chat history from the APPs.

Now, I want to talk about how to back up messages and photos of LINE, a very popular communication application that users can exchange texts, images, video and audio with it.

Part 1: Back Up LINE Messages& Photos with iCloud

Step 1 Connect iPhone 7/6s to a Wi-Fi Network
Please make sure your device has been connected to Wi-Fi network or you couldn't finish the operation successfully.

Step 2 Log in iCloud Account
Go to your device, and then tap "Settings > iCloud". Please make sure you have logged in your iCloud Account or Apple ID, or you could not continue to back up.

Step 3 Start to Backup locally
Please enter your LINE account, then go to "Settings > Chats & Voice Calls > Chat History Backup". Now you can see "Back Up Now" in blue, please tap it to start to back up.

Back Up LINE with iCloud

If you want to back up the exact conversation with someone, you can go the conversation page and drag down the window on the up-right button. Tap "Settings > Export Chat History" and you can send the chat history by message, WhatsApp, mail or other Apps.

Back Up LINE Messages

Step 4 Check the Backup
Please Tap "Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage > LINE" to check if the backup has been finished or not. The backup appears in the details with backup size.

Part 2: Back Up LINE Messages& Photos with iPhone Data Recovery

We all know that iCloud could back up almost all the data on your iPhone and you may always tend to this way. But now I want to introduce you another way to back up LINE Messages, which is really effective.

Step 1 Install the iPhone Data Recovery and Launch it
First of all, please download the program. Click "Download" button below and run it!

Download Win Download Win Download Mac Download Mac

Step 2 Connect Device to Computer
Select "iOS Data Backup & Restore". Then connect your device to computer via USB cable the program will start to detect the LINE data. Once it connects successfully, you can see the interface as below.

iPhone Data Recovery

Step 3 Back up LINE Messages
After your phone has been connected, please click "iOS Data Backup" button on the page to start make a copy of LINE chat history. Please wait patiently!

Backing up Line Data

When the program finishes the backup, you can preview your LINE chat history by clicking "View" button on the interface. Now the job is done!

You can see all the chat history on the page including the photos.
Note: The photos in the chat history are kept in "LINE Attachments". It is easy for you to check.

Export Line to PC/Mac

Part 3: Difference Between Back Up LINE Chat with iCloud and iPhone Data Recovery

If you back up locally, it is very convenient for you to operate because you don't have to download any other kind of software but only have to make sure Wi-Fi is available. But it has the limits:
1. It can back up all the LINE chat history and can also back up selectively. When you back up for each conversation, it could be chaotic of the exported backup messages for you to check.
2. It couldn't preview the result of the backup.

But if you back up with iPhone Data Recovery, you can get rid of these limits and can back up LINE data in a more effective way.
1. You can check the backup result after the program finishes the job and you can see the exported data is in organized and clear way.
2. It supports you to choose part of the chat history you want or select all of them to restore!
3. It won't take you much time to back up.
The only limit for iPhone Data Recovery is that you couldn't save the data without your computer because the program needs to install on your PC. It may be inconvenient for you when you outdoor and left your computer home.

Here are the two ways to back up LINE messages and you can choose the one fit you most. And maybe you have already known how to back up with iCloud but never heard about the iPhone Data Recovery before. As you can see above, it is really effective. So why not have a try?

Download Win Download Win Download Mac Download Mac

Ivy Bruce

Ivy Bruce is the Founder and Editorial Director at Recovery-Android Studio. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.