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Top Samsung Galaxy S8 Photo Backup Solutions

-- Tuesday, May 09, 2017
With the stellar camera of Samsung Galaxy, I am taking more photos than ever. However, these photos take up a lot of space over time. Throw in videos, time-lapses, and burst shots, and they'll easily fill up device. To free up more space on smartphone, what should I do?

  • Backup Photos/Videos from Android to Google Drive
  • Animated GIF Recovery from Samsung Galaxy Note/S

  • If you get too many files, which can take up the storage space of your smartphone, you can choose to firstly back them up and then delete them off from your device. Also, backing up more frequently can prevent data loss as well. This article would introduce three methods to back up Samsung photos. Please check it out below.

    Method 1: Save Samsung Photos to Computer

    Saving photos from Samsung smartphone to computer can be a normal way to back up data which some of the users would tend to.

    Pros: Totally free and the operation is pretty simple.
    Cons: Time-consuming and inconvenient as you need to move the photos one by one from your smartphone to computer.

    Step 1 Connect the Samsung Galaxy S8 to a computer using the supplied USB cable and choose the media option for it.

    Step 2 After your device is detected, you can go to Samsung on computer. Then please choose and drag the photos you want to back up to PC.

    Method 2: Sync Samsung Photos via Google Photos

    Google Photos are available to download for free from Google Play and it allows users to upload and manage photos from their smartphone easily.

    Pros: Auto back up photos and videos in High Quality and allow users to access them from any device.
    Cons: 16-megapixel limit for free online storage and needs network.

    Google Photos

    If you want to back up photos via Google Photos, please firstly download the app on your Samsung smartphone and add a new account. Then you can start to use the Google Photos to upload and back up photos. For more details about the tutorial, please click on here.

    Method 3: Back up Samsung Photos with Android Backup Restore

    Android Backup Restore is a pretty effective program that most of the users would choose to back up data including photos from Samsung Galaxy.

    Pros: Allow you to back up almost all the data types on your Android in one click.
    Cons: The backup copies would be saved to computer and thus you can not update it whenever you want if you don't get a PC.

    Step 1 Install the Program on Computer
    First of all, please download and install the Android Backup Restore program on your computer by clicking the download button below. After that, please launch it and go to "Android Backup & Restore" pane on the interface.

    Download Win Download Win

    Step 2 Connect Samsung to PC
    Please use the matching USB cable to connect your Samsung to PC. And you need to enable the USB debugging on your device so that it can be detected by the program. Please just follow the guide displayed on the program to turn it on. Then please click on the "Device Data Backup" or "One-click Backup" to start backup process.

    Connect Device to PC

    Step 3 Backup Photos from Samsung Galaxy S8
    You need to choose the "Gallery" on the interface of the program and then click on the "Start" button and the program would start to export the photos to your computer.

    Selet Data and Make a Backup

    Choosing which way to back up is totally up to you. But if you have any question about this article, please do drop us a comment and let us know!

    Ivy Bruce

    Ivy Bruce is the Founder and Editorial Director at Recovery-Android Studio. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.